6 Oct 2014


Mr. G has gotten a bone again from his friend on the market, I went to Nicole to bring it.

Was he happy with his bone, and while we chatted on her terrace in the warm sunshine he ate it all in no time and didn't leave a single crumb !

I had a look in our basement and found two things which were almost new, but which I didn't use anymore.

A lamp for facial sunbath, and a fryer. So I went to Cash Converter, a second hand shop in Waterloo. Both were refused, because apparently nobody dares to take sunbaths with these lamps anymore, and my fryer's plug was a little green.


I polished the green away and took it to another Cash Converter in the next city, and there they took both items. Apparently the people in Wavre are less difficult ! I didn't get a lot of money, but still it was better then taking space in our basement !

On my way back on the town hall square in Lasne, I discovered an exhibition of Sculptures !

Of course I stopped, parked my car and walked around and admired the sculptures. Some of them were really very nice, others I didn't know what they represented.

On Sunday the weather had changed drastically ! From 22 ° (71 F) it dropped to 12 ° (53 F) and it rained ! I have my personal weather station, because in the middle of the night I woke up and felt something very wet and furry, it was my cat Rosie who announced me with her wet fur that it had started to rain outside !

I decided to spend the day at home, and not to look out of the window ! I did the laundry and baked a bread, while I was watching TV. That was easy and not tiring. Folding the laundry was another story. I don't like to do that.

As a treat I spent the rest of the afternoon to create new headers for my blogs as the fall season apparently has started definitively. 

And this was the result. Time flew by, I just had to interrupt me to put on a warmer pullover.
So if you have header problems. I love to create !


Linens and Royals said...

Charlie you are starting to appear too often on Mrs G.s blog. Arthur and Rosie might not like it and there could be trouble!
We have Cash Converters here too, I have never seen a lamp for a facial sunbath in there.
The weather has changed drastically here too with very hot days over 30 deg.C. and insects and spiders on the march. I don't feel ready for this.

Jo said...

I would also keep trying to get rid of things which take up space! I love your personal wet and furry weather station! That Charlie must love you to bits. That is a great weekly treat. I hope others use you for their headers. I LOVE mine and have had lots of compliments. Thanks! Have a great day (keep warm)
Jo xxx

diane b said...

Charlie must love your visits. Good idea selling unwanted stuff. We are selling our old lounge suit on Gumtree.

Fun60 said...

What a good idea for clearing out the loft or the basement. Our weather has just changed today and I am so cold sitting at the computer!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I have never heard of a Cash Converter store but it seems like a great idea. WE do have consignment clothing stores here. A while after I retired I took some of my office clothes to one and was refused. (Made me feel terrible, to think I'd been going to work in clothes nobody would be caught dead in!). But then I remembered I was retired and didn't care any more.

Loree said...

I like your new headers. It rained here too finally :) I wish we had a Cash Converter here. I have so much stuff I give away and most of it is almost new.

Anonymous said...

Time does get away sometimes. Another yummy bone! Nice headers, too.