24 Apr 2014


For 10 years I worked in an American company for textile fibres in Brussels, and was the Sales Assistant for Europe to three managers. An English gentlemen, with suit and tie ( mostly the same), always friendly and I strictly have nothing to say about him. A very nice German, happily married and he and his wife became our friends for many years.

The third was a French and a case for a psychiatric clinic. He had 4 mistresses and a wife, and of course he thought he could add me to his harem. Not only jumping on the phone to answer it but also into his bed. He apparently found this completely normal. I told him that I prefer my own bed and sent him to hell and we became good friends. At that time sexual harrassement didn't exist otherwise I would be very rich today !

After a while, I started to pity the poor guy, women were flying around him like butterflies around flowers or maybe flies around something else, and he didn't do anything, for that, just good looking and being charming.

Sometimes when he was on the phone with one,  I was on the second phone with another and had to comfort her, justifying his absence by inventing trips or meetings. I became very creative in excuses.  I also quickly found out that the only person he really loved was his wife. She was a very independent woman, with a very strong character, very intelligent and very beautiful.

I didn't have to lie to her, (I wouldn't have done it anyway), she knew her man. We became friends and accomplice and maintained our friendship even long after I had left the company.

With him I had not only to handle his various mistresses by phone, but he also asked me to write the answers to their love letters, which was quite difficult as I was always afraid that I would mix them up.

I wrote an appropriate text with my typewriter (no computer at that time) and he copied it per hand. He was very happy with this solution, he said that I had a much better writing style then him, and the women apparently were happy too. And as I always loved writing, it was OK. and I became a love letter writing specialist.

The worst moments were, when he had enough of a girl ! They mostly were young and stupid and I couldn't understand why they were loosing their time with a married man ! They all were convinced that he would leave his wife and marry them. As far as I know this only happens in very rare cases.

When the moment came to say good-bye, I had to order a huge bouquet of flowers, write a good bye letter, saying how much he was heartbroken to leave her, but he really couldn't divorce his wife who was a poor woman he had met (by mistake) when he was very young, and then there are the children, etc. etc my imagination had no limits !

I always had a considerable amount of tissues in my drawer and waited until they stormed into my office, usually with red noses and swollen eyes. He of course as a brave man had disappeared for a business trip, which was the room next door.

Usually I am always on the women's side, but in this case I couldn't feel any pitty with these girls, they just were hunting a wealthy men and as I said, they all were not very intelligent. They were females, not women, and this is a big difference.

I have to admit it was one of the funniest period of my career.

Jenny Matlock
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  1. OMW!!! You did have a wonderful career that time! What a story and you describe the experiences so well. Imagine that you could add: Professional Love Letter Specialist to your resume! I love the fact that his wife wasn't fooled by him and you respected her. You certainly brightened my day! xx

  2. My first boss was and old man with food spilled on his tie (always the same tartan one) and he often dozed off. Wish I'd had your much more interesting managers.

  3. Wow! I hope he paid you extra for all this extra work you did lol

  4. Wow you should write your memories of that period, it would be a best seller!

  5. Oh my. Sounds like you had much more then a career gong on.

  6. A love letter writing specialist!! :D

    Didn't you have frequent headaches handling so many females? I bet your French boss had migraines.

  7. Sounds like an exciting job! At least until you had to comfort some young girl in distress.

  8. You really, really, really should write a book with all these funny anecdotes of your life. That's funny that you had to write the love letters for him.

  9. Wow! What a beautiful story and your writing is AWESOME!!!

  10. wow! That must have been some soap opera at work! It's great that the people you worked with became good friends {:-D

  11. It's horrible to be young and stupid. I could never wish to be young again. I much prefer the wisdom that comes with age. Does he know how lucky he was that you refused his advances and became his wing man?

  12. I bet you had a lot of fun in that period( besides the hard work). Great story!

  13. You've led a very interesting life! But that is quite true -- all of us of a certain age (who worked anywhere at all besides at home) would be richer if anti-sexual harassment laws had existed back in the day. We just accepted it as part of life.

  14. You've lived a much more colourful life than I have!


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