6 Sep 2013


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1. On Monday I prepared my suitcase and gathered all things I would take along to Thonon les bains in France. In the afternoon Dominique let me try out her car, as we wanted to share the driving. It worked very well as her car is very similar to mine and I got familiar with it right away.

2. We made the first part of our trip until Troyes (see post below )

4. and 5.

I woke up this morning and went outside my room. This was the view I had. So beautiful. We couldn't use the swimming pool yet because something had to be repaired. But that didn't really matter.

The villa has 3 terraces on 3 different levels all with view on the lake. The first one is just outside the living room, the second one to sit in the shade with help of an umbrella and finally the terrace with the swimming pool which is on the same level as the bedrooms and the bar/ hobby room.

Our living room and the bar,  so far unused because it's far to sunny and warm to sit inside

While Dominique and Nicole did the shopping, I answered emails and made pictures. When they came back we prepared our lunch, salad different kind of cheese and mozzarella with tomatoes. It was delicious.

After lunch we all lay on the beach beds around the swimming pool and rested, napped or read.

Later afternoon we went for our first visit to Thonon along the lake.

We took the funicular train which brought us up to the town center. I had never taken such a train !

There was a quiet big market and we strolled around but not for very long, we were quiet hungry. The supper was quickly prepared, we had salmon with pasta in a delicious sauce, all bought ready to heat up in the micro wave ! After all we are on holidays and none of us is very keen to cook.

We had our first full holiday in Thonon with a lot of fun and laughter !


Fun60 said...

I love that villa. It has everything you would want for a relaxing holiday. Enjoy.

Joyful Reader said...

What a beautiful trip! I need a vacation!

jabblog said...

Looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what lovely scenery! Sounds like a fun trip!

Sandra Carlier said...

Wouha! Sounds a lot of fun! Bisous to you three! I stay tuned!

Loree said...

What a gorgeous place. I love it.

jennyfreckles said...

MORE holidays? You certainly have retirement sorted out! I wish I had a friend with a villa somewhere scenic.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Just beautiful! Looks and sounds like SO much fun!

Have a great time.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What an amazing wonderful perfect vacation! You do know how to live!!!

Jo said...

The villa is TDF! (To die for!) so great you have many places to soak up the different parts of the [good] weather. I need a Picards in Bloemfontein when we land next Sunday! I don't do any cooking when in SA (Grant takes over and does quite well) as I have enough of feeding and caring for twenty hungry miners while here in Tanzania. You all have a great weekend. Please give Dominique a big hug from me and say Hi to Nicole from me too. I just KNOW I will meet her too one day. (((Hugs))) Jo xxx

Kathie said...

What a gorgeous spot for a holiday! Lovely surroundings, good food and great friends - who could ask for more? Enjoy every minute!

Susanne said...

My goodness what a lovely place you get to holiday in! Enjoy every moment!