11 Feb 2013


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This weekend was a special one, because we had the visit of our son with Toby. Toby recognized immediately where he was and greeted us with a kiss and then discovered the new truck we had bought for him, and that of course was very important !

Arthur our cat was happy to see his little friend again, which is rather unusual for a cat ! He watched him playing and even ran behind the little cars. The lazy cat became a dynamic youngster again.

The three of us watching Baby TV

and Mr. G. was happy to fill in his Grandpa duties and showed Toby how the truck works.

Toby needed new boots so we went shopping.

Even at two, he already has is own taste and wanted absolutely "Cars" boots

Apparently all kids over the world are crazy about this little design, of course I was ignorant, but now I know what is in fashion. In the same shop we also found a little trolley and I bought him a backpack (with "cars" of course) for when he goes on holidays in 10 days.  He was proudly wearing his new boots and with his new backpack and the trolley he walked with us through the Gallery where we had a coffee and a croissant together.

Toby has a good appetite and ate the huge croissant with pleasure !

Once finished he played "peek a boo" with us and then we went to the "Kids Factory" an inside playground.

where he had a lot of fun !

The next day the sun was shining and we decided to do a little walk over the market and the flea market

Toby was surprised to find a doll his size and checked it out. But then he discovered two boxes full of little cars and there he didn't want to leave, he was allowed to choose two cars, but it took him as long as it takes for some women to choose shoes !

Before going to bed, Nonno read a story to Toby.

Son and grandson left after lunch on Sunday, because snow was announced and in Amsterdam it had already snowed.

While Daddy packed and loaded the car, Arthur and Toby sat on the sofa before they had to say good bye to each other.

I ended the day with blogging and Mr. G. with his TV. Silence moved into the house again, and our 3 other cats came out of their hiding places and relieved settled down on the sofas !


diane b said...

That sounded like a fun weekend. Oh How I wish that i could be so close to my boys. Still Skype is better than nothing. Toby is like Fox, he loves anything to do with "Cars" movies. He also has a big box of cars he loves to play with and is loathe to share them with baby Banjo.

Brenda said...

What precious memories to hold dear. A cute grandson you have.
have a great week.

Linens and Royals said...

Love the photo of you with Toby and Arthur, those other cats don't know what they are missing.

Mar said...

What a lovely visit and fun times.
It snowed all day today, we need to borrow one of your dear cats: mousies in the building, help!!

Loree said...

What wonderful memories of Toby. I hope it did not snow too much.

claudie said...

Fantastic moments with your two guys!!!!Arthur is a such special cat! Il ne lui manque que la parole! Love the pictures! Your little son looks so cute!

Maribeth said...

What fun! Everyone looks happy and relaxed. So glad all went well!

Melli said...

Oh my gosh! Toby and Tyler would be BEST friends! Tyler just yesterday picked out the very same boots and would have NO other! And awhile back I had bought him, I'm sure, the SAME little CARS backpack! That is all our 2 year old THINKS about... cars, trucks, and busses! LOL!

It does look like you had a wonderful weekend, indeed! And I'm sure you were also glad to see Dario! ;)