15 Feb 2013


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1.  The week started with snow again and I was quiet upset I thought this snowing would be over by now. But no, it snowed the whole day. Offended I spent the day inside sorting out pictures making new folders and had a guy on the phone who wanted to sell me a new leather sofa set ! I hadn't checked the number ! I told him that I am only the maid and that my employes were not there.

2. Fortunately we had aqua gym, but the street was so slippery, that it was quiet dangerous to drive no salt had been put there. After our tea together I went home.

3. To comfort myself I bought two polar cardigans one red and one dark blue. That always comes on purpose because they are nice and warm and ideal to wear when it is so cold.

4. Then the weatherman announced sunshine and nice weather without snow. As Nicole was in Ostende at the Belgian coast, Ilona and I took the train and went there to spent the day with her. We bought some Greek salad and little roasted potatoes and had lunch at Nicole's flat enjoying the beautiful view over the sea.

After lunch we made a long walk along the seafront. There was still some snow on the beach, and Charlie, the Golden Retriever enjoyed to run around and jump in the snow.

But when we returned and didn't go back to the apartment, he sat down and there was no way to get him move. Nicole pulled and we tried to convince him, but nothing to do, and then, Nicole remembered. He is used to go on the terrace of a little bar where a bowl filled with water is offered to the dogs. We told him that he could get his drink, and he got up, went straight away to the bowl and drank all the water, while we laughed and waited ! The white arrow shows where Nicole has her apartment. Then we went home and had tea and muffins, enjoyed the view and did our job as chatterboxes. At 6 pm we took the train back home, which was full, but at least we found two seats. The trip lasts 1 1/2 h and by 8 pm I was back home.

5. The next day the trains going to the seaside were delayed  by frozen railway switches and the trams along the seaside were not running in the morning because of ice ! We were really lucky. I didn't even do my shopping it was stormy, very windy and cold. I collected the rests of a bird which my cat Arthur had brought and eaten inside on the oriental rug (he is a posh cat) and although I told him that he is a killer and murderer, he wasn't bothered about that at all, leaked his whiskers and rolled up into a "little" snail.


Jo said...

Shadow says: "Mmm, Arthur, I'd like to eat the cheeky birds that my mom feeds in OUR shamba out back! "

Jo said...

Shadow says: "Mmm, Arthur, I'd like to eat the cheeky birds that my mom feeds in OUR shamba out back! "

Jo said...

Shadow says: "Mmm, Arthur, I'd like to eat the cheeky birds that my mom feeds in OUR shamba out back! "

Jo said...

Sorry! Shadow got carried away with his comment to his hero: Arthur! Now is my turn to comment. I have never seen snow on the beach! I love the way Charlie had to wait until the "slow" humans realized that HE doesn't forget his bowl of water... Here's hoping your weather turns good from now on. Isn't it very late in Feb for such cold weather in Europe? Happy weekend my friend. Jo

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. lucky you with the weather and traffic movement - but how lovely to be able to get on the train and join a friend at the seaside .. sounds lovely day .. cheers Hilary

Linens and Royals said...

Yes Arthur you are a killer and a murderer. But you look so sweet when you are asleep I have to forgive you.

A Lady's Life said...

Ah it sure sucks when the weather is cold especially on the beach but at least you got some fresh air and was entertained by the animals who kow their business. lol

Brenda said...

I see the kitty isn't offending by your 'accusations'! Funny!

Barbara H. said...

My comment appears to have gotten lost -- forgive me if it shows up twice!

Hopefully spring will start making an appearance soon! I am glad you were able to go visit your friend while the way was clear to do so. I never thought about a beach having snow on it. Funny about the dog not budging, though I guess it might not have been funny if his owner hadn't found a way to get him moving.

Heather said...

Sorry about the snow! Today is actually the coldest winter day for us so far. It has even been in the 70's some. I want cold weather!

Looks like you had a nice time with Nicole, is she your daughter? Beautiful pictures!

That's a pretty dog too. It's so weird seeing snow on the beach. We live on the coast and we rarely get snow.

Willow said...

Snow on the beach? Somehow that just doesn't seem right. Snow belongs on mountains!
Poor misunderstood Arthur. Of course he needed to use the oriental rug for luncheon. He looks like a very self satisfied cat.