30 Nov 2012


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1. The week was very short. My legs and back were hurting a little from our 2 days painting exposition where I was on my feet almost the whole day. But after Aqua gym, I felt "normal" again.

Ilona and Chantal came in the afternoon to pick up their paintings which I had taken home. Good opportunity to have a little chat and a cup of tea together.

2. I went to my favorite deep frozen food store (I mean the food is frozen not the store) and bought Italian plates for the whole time I am gone on holidays !

3. and that's what I did last, preparing computer staff and checking my summer clothes and then packing my suitcase.

So when you read this I am probably laying at the beach, warming up my old bones together with my friends Dominique and Nicole. (unless of course, the plane falls on the head of somebody or into the sea) !
This post is pre-scheduled, if I can I will add some pictures it depends on time and internet connections.


  1. I am sure you will have a good time.
    Too bad Mr G didn't go.
    Hope you have better luck with the hotel you will be staying at lol

  2. You must be having breakfast right now, hope the bed didn't break like in one of your prior holidays!! happy sunshiney day

  3. You are sensible avoiding some of the cold winter. Enjoy your holidays.

  4. I hope your art show went well, Gattina. So glad that aqua gym helped sort out your sore muscles.

    And I am sure the warmth of Egypt is helping even more.

    I've been to the Red Sea but on the Jordan side. Ooooh, the water was quite lovely.

    Have a great vacation and I look forward to seeing photos.

  5. You are so making me want to go on a trip to Egypt! It sounds wonderful.


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