14 Oct 2011


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1. I had bought fabric a few weeks ago to cover our chairs of the dining room. Finally on Monday I found the courage to do it. Dominque had cut the fabric into 6 pieces paying attention to the pattern, so it was quiet easy for me to put the seat on the fabric and fix it underneath with thumbtacks.

The old fabric was full of spots and scratches, with the new fabric we have new chairs !

2. My friend asked me to have lunch together yesterday, as today she has to go to the hospital for her breast cancer surgery. She was so stressed that she hardly could eat, I have to say it wasn't as good as last week. They served chicken in sauce in a tomatoe sauce with Tagliatelles which to me is a crime for the pasta, I had expected chips !

3. Mr. G. and I were invited for a four a clock coffee to the mother of a friend, whom I know since almost 40 years, but we hadn't seen her for a very long time. Now she has moved from Bordeau (France) to Waterloo at 88 (!) to be nearer to her daughter and family ! Not only she had left her country where she had lived her whole life but also the house and the furniture, she just had taken along what she needed to move into a very beautiful flat in a new built building. She really is amazing !
Getting old like this is a pleasure !

3. Our yearly painting class exposition is approaching, so I bought a few things for the decoration, as I am in charge for that together with another classmate.

Here is what I bought, of course I still have things from the year before. But this time the Exposition is so close to Halloween that I thought I will introduce this to those who don't know what it is.

4. I also went to the city hall with posters of our exposition, so that they can stick it on the walls

I admired this cute little car which is used by the city employes as an example for the environment, it doesn't run with petrol but it is electric. You have to charge the battery like for a mobile phone. I think it's the ideal car for driving in the city for shopping ! No problem with the
parking space and increasing petrol prices !

5. As summer seems to be definitively over I sorted out some clothing and had a quiet huge mountain of cardigans, T-shirts and pullovers which I don't wear anymore. There was also a handbag and I gave the whole stuff to my cleaning woman, who was very pleased. Today I was looking for my mobile phone. Mr. G. called me, we listened in the whole house, nothing. Then it was the voice mail. I checked all my jeans, trousers, anoraks, coats, handbags everything with a pocket, nothing. Suddenly I remembered I had put my mobile in the handbag I had given to my cleaning women and it was in a little side pocket. I called her and asked if she had it and yes after checking she found it ! I was relieved !! I think I should wear it around my neck !


A Lady's Life said...

lol I love the little car and what a story about your phone. I am glad you found it.
I hope your friends' operation goes well . A life is more important than a breast. Once I was very enthusiastic and made a whole set for my dining room. I made covers with padding for all the chairs and the table cloth to match. I covered the table cloth with clear plastic and it was always so pleasant for me never to worry about things getting dirty.

Jo said...

Ah Gattina, what a business you losing your mobile. Glad your cleaning lady found it. I'm also pleased you can hand items to someone else. I always wonder what I'd do if I didn't have Naomi and Stanley to give things to that are not old or broken, but just not useful to me anymore. I'm so sorry about your friend. I prayed for her as I read your post today. I'm very impressed with the old lady friend who has moved from one country to another in her old age. I intend to be such a no-nuisance old lady one day. As long as I have my laptop, Internet connection and my pets, I'll live anywhere! Wow, on your new chair covers. What do the cats think of them? The little car is indeed an innovation. Wonder how a man like my husband (and most South African men) would drive a car without loud engine noises! I've been back in bed "resting" and gettitng over the virus so not always commenting on your posts but I read them all!) Have a wonderful weekend. Jo

Lisa notes... said...

I love your chairs. You're a braver woman than I am. I rarely tackle projects like that.

I pray that your friend's surgery goes well. You were a good friend to meet with her for lunch.

Glad you got your phone back. :-)

Carrie said...

heh. I love that little hedgehog!

I'm glad you got to have lunch with your friend before her surgery. I hope she is doing well post-surgery. How unpleasant. =(

Love the chairs though! You did a great job and they are beautiful!

ellen b. said...

Oh I like your comment about growing old. Sweet. The chairs looks amazing Gattina! Good for you for following through with the project. That is a fun looking little car! Have a great weekend.

Willow said...

What a cute little car! And hurray for your friend's mother who has made such a major move and adjustment at 88! Amazing lady!

Barbara H. said...

The chairs look fantastic! Someone who did upholstering told me once that if you take fabric off furniture and pay attention it is easy to put it back on, but I've never had the courage to try it.

I admire your friend -- the older we get, the less we seem to like change, and to make such a major change at 88 is brave.

So glad you found your phone!

Brenda said...

Good job covering that chair! I have never done that but have needed to.

I would love to have an electric car some day, its something we always talk about doing.

Susanne said...

Your little electric cars look very different than the ones we have here in Canada.

Love the look of your "new" kitchen chairs. I love easy fixes like that. And glad you found that sneaky mobile phone.

Praying your friends surgery goes well and she is well on her way to recovery!