15 Jul 2011


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1. As we had a quiet busy weekend with our little grandson and parents and my birthday celebrations, I started the week feeling very very lazy ! I thought I had done enough for the next weeks. Fortunately my laziness didn't last too long, I had to do some shopping and as I found a nice red blouse on sale, I bought it, and stated at home that I had the same blouse already ! Couldn't change it because it had been "on sale". Doesn't matter, so when one is dirty I just take the other one and people will think that I never wash my clothes.

2. A friend had downloaded Picasa on her computer for her photos and had asked me to explain her how it works. So I spent the afternoon with her explaining and also make folders for her photos to file them by theme, because she had a real mess in her whole filing system.

3. I tried out my new GPS which I had got for my birthday ! I put the name of a garden store in it found it and took me there without any detours or problems. She also told me when a radar was hidden in the bushes and the speed limits of course. People who saw me in my car must have thought that I just escaped from a madhouse because I was laughing my head off sitting alone in my car. Madam GPS spoke English because I had choosen this language for the settings. Unfortunately she tells me the names of the streets and that sounds so funny because of her pronunciation ! The street names being in French or Dutch, it is hilarious. Fortunately the names are written on the map, otherwise I wouldn't know where I am.

4. I had to put my car in the Garage for the yearly inspection and check up. Besides the usual things there was no major problem (except a hole in my bank account) so I am OK for another year.

5. We had our last painting class before it starts again in September. We finished quiet late this year because 3 classes had been cancelled in winter due to heavy snow. That's why we recuperated our classes now in summer.

As it was the last day, we didn't paint very much but had a lot of "big discussions"

BTW summer ! Today was the coldest day since years in July ! we had royally 12°C (53 F) and it rains cats and dogs together with a strong wind ! I had to take out my autumn anorak and in the evening we warmed us up in front of our open fire !


Jientje said...

Wow, you had a great week, birthday celebrations and all that! You are such an absent minded professor Gattina, you cracked me up, buying the same blouse twice, that could not happen to me, LOL! I love the fact that your GPS lady speaks English. My sister also got a new GPS and she let the lady speak South African! Now that's hilarious too!

Whisppy said...

What a busy week you had! I like the bit about you laughing at Madam GPS coz it sounds just like something I would do!

claudie said...

I really need a GPS ! I will see for that with Pierre as soon as possible!
Sounds you found the good one! I lost already one point on my licence cause a radar! 5 km too much! I posted on my blog about the Bastille Day and the Blog Gathering of the summer! Have a look please, Gattina! I enjoy you read it and more I created a video with picasa!

Kathie said...

A belated Happy Birthday wish from PEI!

Glad to hear your car was good for another year.

Your weather sounds like ours - way too cool for July!! Thankfully, it's supposed to warm up to 25 tomorrow with some blue skies and sun. Now that's summer :)

Happy weekend!

Mara said...

The original setting for my gps was a female. Who listens to women explaining where to go?? So I turned it to the male voice. But I kept answering him back and I had to turn the volume off!

Maribeth said...

Jack does this all the time. He buys things he already has! LOL!
My GPS also says thing very strangely in English, and I'm in an English speaking country!

Faith said...

Happy (belated) Birthday from New York!! You sound like you had a productive week...and yay for GPS!!

A Lady's Life said...

Well you sound busy and happy lol
I am not surprised about the weather because here in BC its the same.
Very cool compared to the rest of Canada which is extremely hot.
but our weather is always the same...wet and dull. The thing that changes or is supposed to change is that it rains at night and is sunny in the day time but this year its been raining a lot more.

Linens and Royals said...

My winter seems better than your summer.
Wish you were my friend/neighbour and could sort out my photo filing.

Susanne said...

Well happy belated birthday to you! You cracked me up with the solution to the double blouse situation.

I love GPS! But I don't think ours tells us when there is radar around. Darn, my dear lead footed hubby could use that little feature. :vD

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I can't imagine such cool weather!! And I had to laugh at the story of your English-speaking Madame GPS -- ha!

Have a great week ahead.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I would have loved to have seen you and your GPS driving around. Mine makes me laugh, too.. and she's speaking my language! (I do switch my husband's over to other languages for fun, sometimes! LOL!)

My car goes for some maintenance on Tuesday. Blah.

I have bought the same thing, twice, too!


Jenny said...

I think once you have a GPS you can never read a map again. Or, at least, I can't-ha!

Sounds like a fun birthday gift, too!

Happy Belated!