23 Apr 2011


Yesterday I got up at 5.30 am and Claudie and her husband drove me the 90 km to the airport in Marseille. We said good bye and I was really sad to leave them I had such a wonderful week !

Unfortunately I thought the plane would leave at 10 am but it was only at 10.25, so I was far to early. Then we had to wait 45 min in a line to get out of the gate and into the plane.

Nobody understood why it took such a long time. Usually they open the gates and you step in the plane. Finally we were all seated when the pilote announced that there was a strike of the ground personnel of 30 min in Marseille. So we sat in the plane and then had to wait another 30 min until our luggages were loaded which made a total of one hour waiting in the plane ! Children and babies screemed, people were angry, it was a real "cheerful" atmosphere.

When we finally left at 12, the time where we should have landed in Brussels South Airport, there were not enough food on board for all the hungry people ! Of course they had foreseen coffee and croissants and not enough sandwiches or hot meals as we were expected to leave at 10.25 and arrive at noon !

Finally I arrived at 2 pm and was expected by an exhausted Mr. G. who had a bronchitis and a big cold and caughed and sneezed as if he would get payed for. He was awfully tired because he had to take antibiotics. In fact he had catched what I had before I left for France. What a return !

Now he is in bed and I am awfully tired so I will start my usual blogging from Monday on.


Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Ah, what a bad luck to get in the middle of a strike.... I always make sure to eat something before a flight, not only in case of something happens, but also because I never like what they serve on the plane - at any flight company.

I'm sure you had such a lovely time there. Claudie et Pierre is super!

What a home-coming...oh, at least I hope you get a happier Easter Holiday now :-)

A Lady's Life said...

lol Many times I found out that when people go on holidays, staying at home is the best holiday when the streets are empty lol

Then when the people come back , you go on holidays because no one will be on vacation. lol
But when you are retired then it makes no difference. Every day works for you lol
Happy Easter to you and your husband Gattina :)

claudie said...

What a trip! For us it was still nice! There was a little traffic so we decided to return on the national road and it was fantastic, driving along the hill, admiring the landscape.
I hope Mr G. will be better very soon! I think I will post tomorrow cause I will play piano now (Mélissa goes out, better for her ears!!!)and read again my theater text! Vive les activités!!!!

Linens and Royals said...

I hopy my flight is better than yours. But what a wonderful time you have had in France, I sure the cats were pleased to see you home.

TopChamp said...

Happy Easter! We've just booked a holiday to France for summer, so it was great to hear about the places you visited.

Vlado&Toni said...

oh i hate that when it happens!.. i really wonder why they ask people to go on board the planes when they know very well that will be late because of some problems! i think this is jus the airline company's way of not saying that there is a delay ..

Gracie said...

Welcome back home and thanks for the beautiful photos of your trip!