3 Apr 2010


In my painting group on Thursdays I always hear some funny events my classmates report. One of them told us last thursday that a 22 year old man was arrested because he had raped 12 women over 60 ! He observed them, followed them home, rang at the door, pushed them inside and did his job. Comment of my classmate : See girls, there is still hope ! A psychiatrist said the man had problems with 60 year old women, stemming from his childhood.

We also have a man here who was convicted to 3 years of prison because he had embezzeled money from his company and when he heard that he should spend 3 years in the St. Gilles prison he went in hunger strike because he wants to be in another. Unfortunately the judge told him that it is not up to him to choose his prison !

The employees of a Brussels municipality have no access to internet anymore, during working hours, because they spend too much time on Twitter and Facebook and people had complained.

I met one of my neighbour this morning who told me that Arthur has spent the whole Wednesday morning in her bed. Now I know where he goes ! For those who don't know, Arthur is not my husband but my cat !


Maribeth said...

Ah, so Arthur is anyone's with a soft mattress! Good. At least I know when I come to visit I will have a friend at night! lol!!!

claudie said...

So funny!!! Arthur is the new play boy in waterloo! And this man who wants to choose his prison!!! Hi! Hi! So funny and good time you have at your painting activity! I have no time but If I had sure I would like to do my classes at the Beaux Arts de Toulon. Of course I don't draw very well but plastic arts are a real pleasure when I practice with my pupils!
This night I didn't go to sleep before 4h30 in the night. We had to catch Mélissa at the zénith in Toulon where there was a concert and after I spoke all the night with my cousin on FB. He lives in Martinique and we have always a lot to tell! And more I posted this night my last report on my blog! You see a good begining for my holiday!

Janis said...

Thats some good gossip. Good thing you explained who Arthur is..thats funny. Happy Easter to you n yours Gattina

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Wow! You do have some interesting gossips! Nothing like that happens over here.

...and cozy Arthur! He's welcome over in my bed at any time too! *giggles*

Oh, I almost forgot: I took your advice and made a post:

Fly to party with the devil - Swedish Easter Island

Anonymous said...

It's because Arthur didn't make the Sweet Post LOL. He's two timing you. Loved this and Happy Easter to you and your family. :)