12 Oct 2009


Wendishness, our host this week proposes following theme :

This week it’s all about gadgets! I would like to know what gadgets you can’t live without and those you could get rid of. It doesn’t matter what part of your life or house they dwell in, whether it’s the kitchen, your desk, shed or any other place but what works well for you and what doesn’t ?

What I would have considered as "Gadgets" when I was working, had a child to raise (the husband is still there) and a household, are not at all "Gadgets" to me in my today's life as a retired person.

It just would be like considering a hearing aid or a guide dog as a gadget.

Since I fill in my days with blogging, photo hunting and other nice occupations, I absolutely need my little "baby" computer when I travel. It has the size of a book, allows me to get on Internet and also to download my pictures and publish a post even when I am not at home.

my travel computer

and of course my window to the world, a "normal" one for home. If I hadn't this I would die of boredom.

Second very important "gadget" is my GPS ! When I was working I didn't need one, because my car found the way to the office alone. When we travelled Mr. G. used to drive and I became stupid. When I retired and wanted to go with my car to different places I always got lost. It came to a point that I didn't want to drive anymore except for shopping and on the streets I knew by heart. Since I have my GPS I feel free like a bird ! I can go everywhere I want to and it always brings me there safely. Today I couldn't imagine my life without a GPS.

Of course the mobile phone is also a very nice "gadget" which makes me available wherever I am and I also can call for help in case I find myself in the middle of the woods without petrol or a flat tire.

And last but not least my microwave ! what would I do without it ? It even bakes and grills and heats up everything when I am too lazy to cook.

These "gadgets" are really essential to me. I couldn't imagine my life without them. All other stuff is apparently useless, because nothing else comes into my mind, unless a camera and a TV is considered as gadgets.

Unfortunately a lot of women my age are still living as if there were 30, with the same appliances. They are afraid of a micro wave, because of unvisible rays, a mobile phone because it's too difficult to handle and they have lived their whole life without it, not to speak about a computer (!!!) this engine bites and a GPS ? why ? they can read a map. I am unable to read a map, I never now where I am.


Anonymous said...

No wonder you have such a glow to you. It's from the micro wave LOL. You are just a ray of sunshine. I have a net book also. It's a pain in the butt for my big fingers to hit those small keys, but I like it. However, I can do almost anything as well with my iPhone I'm also connected. Great Gadgets :) Aloha

wendishness said...

I think it's fantastic that you embrace modern technology in this way, you're right, some people younger than us fear some things still. But these things can make life easier or more fun. I think GPS is a great idea and would consider getting it for when we travel.

I loved your post, thank you for playing Gattina :)

Jientje said...

I can't imagine my life without them, although maybe I COULD go without the microwave.

Have a great week Gattina!

diane b said...

We are into gadgets that our parents managed without. New gadgets are coming on to the market so fast it is hard to keep up with them. Actually I think computers are no longer gadgets but essentials. Most businesses couldn't manage without them and now they are part of the school classroom.

Faye said...

I so agree with you about the computer Gattina. Using one in retirement keeps you amused, interesting and engaged with the world. My still working friends would not want me always calling them at work. Plus we wouldn't have all these new friends around the world. I've decided that I will get a GPS before making another long trip by myself--very hard to read the maps and drive as well.

I just noticed the painting of the two cats in your header. Is that your work? It made me smile.

Janis said...

I use my toaster oven like you use your microwave. With just the two of us, I rarely use my stove/oven. I agree with you about keeping up with technology..I have some friends and sibs that I am way ahead of as far as using the computer, it does keep you engaged and entertained and in touch. WE also have a GPS, it does make it easy to take a trip and I hate reading maps. Thanks for sharing Gattina and Happy FM

Melli said...

Well... I don't NEED a GPS - because I CAN read maps and follow directions... for ME it WOULD just be a fun little gadget to have! Although, I doubt I would use it very often - I don't like computerized voices. (but who knows... if I HAD one, I may come to depend on it...???) The two gadgets that I "think" I could not live without (although I know I could) are my computer and my camera. I'd be perfectly happy to go back to the days of HOUSE PHONES! (except on those rare occasions when one IS caught in a bad situation with a flat tire or whatever...) Cell phones certainly dO help in those instances! Otherwise, I think they are a gargantuan annoyance! Before cell phones, we did not ANSWER the phone if we were eating dinner. NOW the kids sit at the table and TEXT MESSAGE! Ugh!

Jill said...

I think I would break such a small computer, although it would be nice for traveling, as our 8 lb laptop gets heavy and often requires its own bag.

Sayre said...

I was so proud of my grandmother, who at age 82 decided it was time to learn how to use a computer! She had one of the first microwave ovens too! It's such a shame when people refuse to adapt to new technologies, especially when it can give them more freedom or time. I have a feeling you are one of those following in my grandmother's footsteps.

Maribeth said...

Those are all good. I can read a map, but feel better when my GPS tells me I am correct.
Also wanted to tell you that I loved Pookie on your photo page and the picture of Arthur with his cell phone! lol!

ChrisB said...

I love your small computer for travelling, it's ideal.
We do have a GPS in my hubby's car which is very useful.

My microwave is a very old one and very heavy, not that I would part with it.

Gledwood said...

Hi Gattina; the 5 letter French word you mentioned was indeed the one I'd guessed... though properly speaking wouldn't you say it rhymed with "bared" more than "turd"? My French is so dreadful I really couldn't say.

How come those little meeces on your photoblog were baldies? Were they bred that way?

I specially liked that white guinea swine!

Dr.John said...

You are one remarkable woman.

eastcoastlife said...

Way to go Gattina! You are a rare gem and you are way more savvy than me when it comes to technology.

I'm one of those who are afraid to use a microwave. Bought one years ago but have not used it more than 3 times. I ran far away when my hubby switches it on. hahaha....

Stephanie, Mama Dramatist said...

Hee!! Great stuff!

I use the GPS on my phone like crazy.

My husband likely wouldn't admit it, but he likes it, too.

For example, my parents recently moved to the beach, and one Saturday, after I had worked all night, we went to visit them. I thought I'd take a nap while my husband drove. I awoke to, "Honey, I think I made a wrong turn." Enter handy phone GPS!!

Lifecruiser said...

I can only agree!!! With all of it! Especially on our trips, we have had so much use for the GPS, because sometimes the map is really hard to read (small printed) and if it's dark it get even more difficult! Not to mention how tired one can be sometimes.... It have saved us lots of times. As the mobile phone has too. I love my gadgets :-)

Living Life said...

I love the photo of Arthur and the cell phone. Looks like he is saying, "when will you be home to feed me?"

Those gadgets are certainly ones I like having in my life too!

wendishness said...

Gattina, I noticed in the Fun Monday before mine you offered to host after I did, we still haven't got a host for this coming Monday, did you want to host it at all?