18 May 2009

FUN MONDAY - Self pampering

Mariposa has following challenge for us :

In the midst of the busyness of our lives we tend to get overwhelmed by it that we forget ourselves. Most of us are inclined to look out for others first, yet we deserve to look for ourselves as much or even more. I believe we do !
Let us share each other's self pampering stories...may they be from little pleasures to guilty pleasures!

I might sound pretentious, but I never have forgotten myself. ! I also don't belong to the people who look for others first unless sombody lays there half dead which is probably a little exaggerated.

Therefore I have no pampering stories because I consider self pampering a necessity to keep me in good health, mood and fit. To me it is like eating or drinking. I think I have always done the same my whole life. I went to the hairdresser, to the beautician for a skin cleaning and that was it. Taking time for other things like painting or reading depended on my mood, but I always found a way to manage. I didn't like any kind of sport, I played a little tennis but that was more for social purposes.

Since I am retired I do much more of course because I have more time and I also changed.

I still go to the hairdresser all 6 weeks no more, and to a beautician all 3 months. But now I also love to walk, because I can take my photos. Walking or jogging senselessly around to catch fresh air is not my cup of tea and I hate hiking. I like to lay work in our garden, and am member in a fitness club, where I go 3 times a week. I don't use the torture machines, I only swim for half an hour, take 20 min infra red cabine and sit for 20 min in the Yakuzzi. ( or longer depending on people who sit in with me and the chatting !) Besides that I have Yoga classes once a week only for light gymnastic not for mental sit ins ! That's all I am doing.
Of course I also could add that I enjoy a good meal in a nice restaurant, but I am not a fan of chocolate or other sweet stuff.

Concerning self pamering I am rather boring !

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Take also care of your partner !


Mariposa said...

LOL @ the cartoons!

I remember your post on Marriage...about looking after yourself and your partner despite having children...something like that. Very true and I will always remember that!

I love how you take care of yourself...and the fact that it comes so naturally to you!

Have a great week!

Mar said...

You have the right attitude!! I don't think you are boring when it comes to pampering, you know the exact dose to keep yourself happy and content.
::thumbs up::

ChrisB said...

I think I should take a leaf out of your book Gattina. Like you I do go to the hairdressers every 6 weeks and I swim once a week to try and get some exercise.

diane said...

Your life sounds like one big pampering session. Good on you. I bet you live forever with your carefree attitude. You do lots of interesting things not at all boring.

Hootin' Anni said...

Being retired [as I well know] is pampering!!

DianeCA said...

Even at my busiest I always take time out to soak in the bath tub and then use some good smelling body lotion to keep me from drying out like a prune ;-) My family is also good at giving eachother shoulder and neck rubs...you rub my back, i'll rub yours...seems to work for us.

Janis said...

You have a good life, and you sound like your enjoying every minute of it. Good for you!

Sayre said...

I believe you have the right attitude. Taking care of yourself first goes a long way towards taking care of the other people in your life as well.

I'm looking forward to retirement (in, oh, a hundred years or so) so I can spend more time on me and less on the world!!!

jill said...

my husband is definitely more spoiled than me. although neither of us gets much these days. I'm a late add, but come visit me!

margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Wonderful post and not boring at all! Great cartoons too! I am like you, I think - a little bit of everything, and everything in moderation ;-) Happy FM to you!

Pamela said...

it is good that you've made it a way of life. I enjoy walking with my camera, too. Unfortunately my left foot is problematic, and I need to sit and raise it off the ground for swelling. (I broke my leg in a serious way six years ago and it hasn't let me forget it.

Melli said...

I don't think you are boring -- I think, like you said, you are "regular" - not ordinary - but that you pamper yourself as part of your routine. This is why you are so well adjusted! Most of us do NOT do that. When my children were small, I was far too busy to have time (or MONEY) for regular haircuts, or beauty treatments of any kind! I have NEVER to this day had a facial or anything like that! I have TWICE been to a masseur for deep body massage and I do regularly get my manicure/pedicure. But other than the time when I was losing weight, I have never been able to make exercise a regular part of my schedule... and I really really NEED to do that! I felt sO much better when I was. Your swimming and yoga is perfect! We don't have an indoor pool, so my only swimming is in summer - and since Mom, it is rare even then! She HATES sitting out at the pool - and is terrified to get in the water! I make her sit though when I want to go to the pool with Luz - but that is not "swimming" - that is playing in the water! LOL!

Rayne said...

I am the same way. I never feel guilty about doing something good for myself. I always make sure I take care of my family and I think I deserve the same treatment.

The Church Lady said...

Well, you certainly do lead a pampered life my friend and you deserve every minute of it!

claudie said...

Enjoy life and take care about you! It's the right bible! Si on n'est pas attentionné envers soi même je crois que c la bérézina!!! you've found the right attitude!