18 Mar 2023


On Monday I wanted to try out my new wireless vacuum cleaner that looks like a pole and is as light as a feather. My neighbor girls  had  put it together so nicely and it was loaded too.. 

So I took it off the charger and tried to put all the poles together! That was exactly as if I put it together for the first time. I was angry that I was so stupid and fiddled with the thing for at least half an hour until it was right and I could finally vacuum the bathroom. Then I was exhausted for the whole day!

It's not for cleaning a big surface, but just enough for the bathroom and bedrooms, as my dear Maria is in Ireland to help her daughter with the baby girl to come ! Her daughter had married an Irish from Northern Island and it is so funny, if she doesn't understand what I want to say, or if I have to leave a message, I call from Belgium to Ireland, tell her what I want, and then she tells it her mother in polish.

 First I thought I take another cleaning lady for this month, which we get for a very cheap price from the health insurance, but then I thought the few hairs little Rosie distributes in the whole apartment, with this light thing of only 800 gr I can do it myself. I can get nearly everything from the health insurance, ironing, cleaning, administration work food, and a driver if I need to go to the doctor. This had been established,  to keep elderly people as long as possible in their homes. Of course this is included in our monthly taxes on the salary when you are still working.

Next week comes one to help me to empty finally the still unpacked Rick's belongings. I need somebody at least to keep me company. 

On Wednesday I got a message from my friend that my Indian ex colleague had been hospitalized, he had a generalized cancer for a while and now he couldn't stay at home anymore. Now she is at the same point as I a few month ago. He and I started together to work in 1964 and remained friends ever since and I became friend with his French wife which he married shortly after our marriage.

Then it went rather quickly, he had organized his funeral celebration himself. He wanted to be euthanized and the day was fixed on Thursday. He wanted to have a last meal (although he couldn't eat anymore) with his two sons and wives and had asked for a Sushi meal. The nurses and his doctor were really very nice. They had prepared a festive table with the Sushi and they had their last meal together. In Indian Hindu "religion" death is nothing sad and horrible as in our Christian religion. They had their meal together it was quite cheerful, then one by one said good bye to him alone, and then everybody left and he stayed with the Doctor and the nurses and then he passed away in peace. When my friend told me this I found this so full of dignity and respect and really admired how he had organized his passing away. Indians are always incinerated but there the date is not yet fixed. 

The last day of the week I visited Nicole. She was in a good mood and we laughed a lot which was good for both of us. Unfortunately her physical conditions get worse and worse, she becomes weaker and weaker. Nevertheless we had a nice afternoon, She has a new person, a man sitting at the next table, unfortunately right behind her, who farts constantly and it sounds like a machine gun, she told me. Of course, the poor man couldn''t help it, but she asked the nurse to put him in a corner where he can fart against the wall. 

When I came home I put all photos I had from my Indian friend on a USB key and drove over and put it in the letter box. She wanted to make a slide show during the ceremony.

As you see all is well. I have decided to go to our Waterloo Facebook meeting, first I didn't want to go, but then I thought life continues and if Rick is observing me he would say go and have fun !

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  1. I wish our tax system worked as well as yours. Care for the elderly in UK is very poor and very expensive, because usually people end up in care homes. It's better to stay at home if possible.
    Your Indian friends have a lovely attitude to death, No euthanasia here - it's against the law. Instead, everything is done to keep people alive long after they would naturally pass away. It's wrong.
    Oh dear, I'm not really gloomy, just cross! Have a nice weekend, Ingrid. Keep smiling :-)

  2. The Indian friend was brave and had the right idea. So glad you can get all that help from your health insurance. We get it too from the govt social security department but we have to be assessed first to determine the amount of help. We get cleaning and podiatry, Physiotherapy etc but the system is under stress because there are too many baby boomers getting old and not enough staff to keep the system operating smoothly so some people have to wait ages to get the help.I have just applied for an upgrade to the next level for more help but doubt we will get it because we are not in a bad enough way yet.

  3. I am sorry that you have lost your friend. And for his family, too.
    It sounds like you had a good visit with Nicole.
    Have a good week!

  4. My oldest son lives in state, Oregon. That has euthanize.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. I am glad you are meeting up with the facebook group once again. You are not one to be defeated but show great courage and spirit to be out and about again.

  6. Sorry to hear about your friend but seems like he passed away peacefully and in the way he wanted which must have made things a little easier for his family. Yes you should go out to your group meeting - Rick would not want you to be sitting at home alone. I hope you enjoy it.


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