29 Dec 2020


Before the First World War, Blankenberge was an exclusive holiday resort frequently attended by Royalty. They stayed in a special wing of the Grand Hotel des Bains et des Families.

After the First World War, Blankenberge became a very popular holiday resort. Children of poor people were sent here to recreation homes. Blankenberge became the seaside resort of the poors. A train took them directly from Brussels to the Blankenberg station located in walking distance to the sea.

Today it has changed again. Everybody goes there, no social distance anymore. It is a place for families and young people and offers a lot of for everybody. 

I went  there a few years ago with a friend, we wanted to return this year, but the Coronavirus invasion put an end to all my travel plans and 2020 became the worst year for the whole world. 

 The Station

You have to walk up to the beach

All old mansions along the sea were replaced by modern buildings with lots of apartments !

all along the beach were these old little houses which are now squeezed between the concrete blocks. What a pity !

Here is another one, whose owner resisted the promoters !

The pier

A statue

City center


This is the last Our World post for this year ! Hopefully next year will be a better one for all of us ! 

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Andrew said...

An interesting post. Lol at walking up to the beach.

William Kendall said...

Quite a pretty place!

Wendy said...

Looks like an English seaside place but without so many apartment blocks so close to the sea. Strange how a few original houses managed to remain amongst all those apartments.

Fun60 said...

Looks a nice sandy beach for people to enjoy but i don't like all those high rise apartments overlooking the beach.

Klara said...

haven't been there :-). the idea is to take bikes for a coast bike ride one day.

Lynette said...

It looks so very different from beaches in Australia. Some beaches in capital cities have crowds, but elsewhere there are kilometres of empty space on most beaches, just sand and surf and without buildings at the back. I expect we are lucky. You don't know what you have got until it is gone Thanks for your interesting posts, Gattina.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Love the flowers around the city center. I been looking at a few not so far place to visit in 2021.
Coffee is on and stay safe

diane b said...

It looks a very popular beach town. It has been a bad year for millions of people and especially Europe and USA. We have been lucky.