29 Jul 2019




What a boring weekend ! The temperatures dropped by half from 40°C to 20 and it rained cats and dogs, which maybe is good for farmers and gardens, but not for me ! Last week I was locked inside because of the heat, this weekend I was locked in because of the rain and real stormy weather.

I tried to sort out the pictures of my tour, there are some left, which I really don't know (yet) to which city they belong, as the architecture is so similar. I also did the laundry and then I was fed up and went with my neighbor to the cinema to cheer us up and we watched

It was just something to laugh, which we both needed, she was home because of terrible back aches and couldn't work. She is a nurse ! Not an easy job. But armed with two enormous portions of pop corn, we enjoyed the film !

On Sunday I wanted to go to an Indian Festival, with food stands and shows, but it was cancelled due to the bad weather and I stayed home. Mr. G. squatted the TV with his Formular 1 thing and I surfed a bit the net for get aways ! Finally I ask myself if I had not a gipsy somwhere amongst my ancestors, because I am like a fish in the water when I can travel and see other things, then my neighbor's house ! Well I have to be patient for a while, at least this afternoon there is our weekly scrabble !

From 40°C

to 20°C


  1. Love your teddy bear friends, kitty!

  2. Browsing through pictures of the tour is quite a pleasant activity!
    An Indian Festival sounds good, don't miss it, if and when it'll take place. I like their fabrics and kitchenware.

  3. Awww on the kitty. What a lovely place to nap.

    Sorry about your horrible weekend weather. We were having a heatwave here.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday, Gattina. ♥

  4. You are a go-go person. And thus, very unhappy with forced stay-at-home-ness. :-) First heat. Then rain.

    But from what I read, the rain is really needed, by farmers, for their crops.

    Hard to rationalize that, when you really want to get out of the house! ,-)

    Glad you got to a film, anyway. And popcorn always helps!


  5. The drop in temp was so dramatic after the heat of last week. I find I can only sort out a day at a time with my photos as I took so many.

  6. The weather is crazy but I suppose it does tend to storm after all that heat. Here it was very pleasant this weekend. I am quite surprised.

  7. Sorry you are bored, you like to keep moving which is good, because - a body in motion stays in motion!

  8. The bears are adorable and are obviously a firm favourite with the cat. Sorry to read you have been fed up, the weather certainly has a lot to answer for our moods.

  9. The change in weather was definitely extreme! The cat had the right idea.


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