24 Apr 2017


It was really cold and during nights it even freezes. Poor flowers which are out or pointing their nose. There was an exhibition of sculptures in "Les ├ęcuries" which means "The stables" which has been restored and is now used for exhibitions, it is the "left over" of a castle which had been demolished.

The old farm and the stables remain. The park is public but there were not many people walking around;

The sculptures were real cute and at least not modern art !

The young artist being interviewed.

The next day it was a little warmer and I thought I will have a coffee at the lion, for a tourist watch.

Surprisingly there were many people who even climbed up the 254 steps to the Lion. People sat in the sunshine, me too, but with my coat. There were a lot of Russians and Chinese this time.

and while Mr. G. tries to get the world record in Whist playing with his computer, I visited my neighbour and asked how her new dog is getting used. She is a real friendly doggy and loves her new home.


mamasmercantile said...

It is cold here too with a little snow which is strange when you think of the time of year. Cute dog.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

oh no winter is back? Bummer. You will have to go away again to get some sun. But I don't suppose the cold will last too long this time of year. I am glad your old neighbor Viv (I think that is her name) is enjoying her new puppy.

Mara said...

What a sweetie! I hear you on the wintery weather. Today we've had a lot of wind and several snow flurries. Awful! I want some warm sunny weather now!

Loree said...

Those sculptures are very pretty.

Tamago said...

It must be a great view from the lion! Though, I'm not sure if I can make 254 steps :-)
Your neighbor's dog is very cute :-)