11 Feb 2016


Ever since I drive with my friend Chantal who is handicapped due to a polio when she was three, I realize how poor we are equipped in Waterloo or Brussels to help to make life easier for them. There are not enough parking spaces not to speak about the public transport ! Until 4 or 5 years ago, people in a wheelchair had to be carried up by two man to have access to the cinema ! Now finally a lift has been installed.

So it makes me always very angry when I see a car on a parking reserved for handicapped, with somebody in (man or women) who are as handicapped as I am, jumping out of their car and running in the building. These are mostly kind of Land Rovers owners far too big cars for our small streets, who probably think they are in the far west ! When I see one I tell him that I only wish that he or she never would really need such a parking ! Usually they make big eyes and pretend not to understand.

But one day I caught one ! It was a young man just arriving and of course on a a parking for handicapped. I got very angry, I was just parked besides him. I opened the window and made a sign and he opened his window too and saw my angry face and then I told him that it is a shame that at his age he steels these places etc etc. The young man listened and didn't say nothing but suddenly he smiled and pointed with his finger on the back seats ! What did I see ? A wheelchair ! I was shocked and then ashamed and excused myself a thousand times, but he said please stop excusing yourself, I wished there were more people like you !

I gave him a little smile and then drove away before he got his wheelchair out. Afterwards I thought how sad, he certainly had a car or motor accident for loosing his legs. There are no wars where I live.

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Anonymous said...

möchtest Du nicht Follower werden bei mir?
Herzlich Pippa

diane b said...

Oooops. I agree those who are well abled and take those spots are lazy people.

Andrew said...

Oh, I have done similar and I was so embarrassed. I have a post coming up soon about parking in disabled spaces.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - we pluck up courage to rattle at some 'idiot' having seen so many - only to find ourselves caught out - gosh what a lovely man to have such a good sense of humour. Carry on I say ... people I'm afraid do take advantage. Cheers Hilary

Fun60 said...

I am glad he appreciated your anger on behalf of all disabled people.

Stef said...

I bet he could appreciate your frustration as he probably has had to deal with it himself. And I think it is awesome that he was able to just smile. Says a lot about his character. Good for you for speaking up!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he appreciated you standing up for those who do need the spots!

Betty said...

Yes, I was going to say that sometimes you can't tell. The disability could be with their heart or something not visible. For a while my son had a handicap tag and I'm sure some people thought he was fine because he was young and there was nothing visible. In this country you have to have a special license plate or a tag that hangs from the rear view mirror. The Americans With Disabilities Act came into being in the early 1990s and places had to become accessible (automatic doors, ramps, etc.) More handicapped parking spaces were added, but sometimes there still aren't enough. Overall, it was a good law.

Susan Anderson said...

Yes, at first read it seemed like an embarrassing moment, but the truth is he was probably thrilled that somebody was looking out for people who really need those spaces. I agree that it's pretty low to park in them.


Little Wandering Wren said...

Ha Ha - good on you, you had the best intentions :) Look at me, it says you have a visitor from Myanmar in your live traffic feed, I wonder who that can be?!
Wren x

Jenny said...

I love that you championed this cause.

I have a handicapped tag which I am loathe to use. I use it only on the really, really bad days if I HAVE to go somewhere and it's difficult to walk.

And even then, if there's only one spot I tell my husband to drop me and leave it open.

We all need to be thoughtful of what others are facing.

I admire what you did.

It truly warmed my heart!

Thanks for linking this to week 13.