13 Jun 2013


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1. I started the week with shopping for us and for Dominique, who can't move due to her backache. It was awfully cold for a middle of June we only had 10°C (50F) during the day with on top a cold wind ! Nevertheless the grass grows and I had to mow the lawn, fortunately Oscar the robot did it for me, he doesn't mind temperatures or wind. I didn't know that this thing is so strong, I had put a chair upside down to protect a piece of lawn, and suddenly when I looked out of the window I saw the chair moving to and fro with the robot underneath. I should have taken a picture because it looked so funny, but I rather ran outside to lift up the chair and free the lawn mower before it broke !

2. When I wasn't feeling well I didn't mind to stay inside, but now I start to feel like a prisoner. So after some household scores and blogwork I went to my Indian House (store), just to escape, I always feel on holidays there. Other women had the same idea and sat in the corner around a tea table and had Indian tea. I joined in and we chatted a bit. Then I walked around to see if there were new things and of course couldn't resist to buy two necklaces which were on sale !

3. On my way back from aqua gym, a street was closed. Unfortunately I had left Madame GPS at home for an update ! To find the way home should have been very easy, but not for me ! I followed my instinct and did a sightseeing tour through Waterloo in places I didn't even know that they existed. After 15 min (which is usually the time I need to arrive at home) I thought I do the other way around and when my instinct tells me to go left, I go right. Indeed that helped and suddenly I was in front of the station ! From there I knew the way home. Mr. G. who wondered why I was so late, asked me where I have been and I had to admit that I had no idea ! It didn't surprise him at all, he was only too happy that I didn't end up at the sea front which is 100 km far from here. From now on I will always take my GPS with me, even if I just go to the shop around the corner or across the street to my neighbor !

4. Being both fed up staying home all the time, Dominique and I decided to go out for a little lunch together. She can walk a little and it is OK for her to sit. Only standing hurts. We choose "La Pomme" (the Apple), a kind of Pub which has excellent salads, spare ribs and steaks. No baked potato unfortunately! The food was excellent, we had a funny waiter and laughed a lot. Satisfied with our little excursion we drove home and she could lay down again.

The weather was warm enough for me to install my "office" outside. The carton helps to keep the light away and I can see the screen normally.

5. Each year when the schools end, Waterloo city organizes a trip for their seniors. This time we went to Lille in France. At 7.15 we had to be at the parking place where 4 buses waited for us. 

Our first stop was in Lessines to visit the old hospital "Notre Dame à la Rose"  which dates from the 13 century.

Better not to be sick at that time, the instruments were horrible and when you see the syringes there certainly would be less drug addicts !

Then we stopped in the middle of the countryside at a very beautiful restaurant, surrounded by a huge park, llamas, alpacas, and horses. Ideal for wedding receptions or other celebrations.

The menu too was very good, the starter was "foie gras", followed by "turkey à la normande" and vanilla ice cream.

Then we continued our way to Lille in France. Unfortunately it started to rain and when we arrived in Lille it rained so much that we went into a shopping center instead of visiting the city. There at least we stayed dry.

So I didn't see very much of Lille, but enough to wish to go back there when the sun is shining. It looks like a nice town, especially the old center.

Then we returned home and we all agreed, we had a wonderful day !


Andrew said...

I'm still laughing at Oscar pushing the chair around.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - Oscar's irritation shows - move the furniture next time .. Mrs Robot owner! The hospital must have been so interesting to visit ..

Blocked roads are not fun .. thankfully my brain GPS is quite good - and I don't actually have a GPS. Well you know a little more of your local area ..

Cheers and let's hope this weather warms up a little .. it was sunnyish, then clouded up, now the sun is back out ... hope it stays that way! Hilary

Anonymous said...

That must have been funny to see Oscar and the chair.

The trip for seniors sounds really neat.

I am very dependent on my GPS - I don't have a good sense of direction.

Linens and Royals said...

I am always so envious that you can have a day trip to another country and see such ancient buildings. Shame about the rain.

Anonymous said...

oh une bonne idée pour cacher le soleil à l'écran du PC avec cette boîte en carton

jennyfreckles said...

Necessity is the mother of invention - I like the computer box idea.

Anonymous said...

I hope you and Dominique are feeling much better by now. What a kind friend you are to do shopping for her.

I had yo laugh and laugh at the idea of Oscar taking the box for a ride. That would have been a good photo to capture.

I hope you had a great weekend, Gattina.

Susanne said...

The picture of your chair moving around upside down ala Oscar made me laugh. You must have had to look twice when you saw that out the window. LOL.

That little trip looks like it was lots of fun. Medical science sure has come a long way. Yikes, those syringes look scary.

Hope your friends back feels better soon.