29 Aug 2011

OUR WORLD - Wellington museum & Waterloo church

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I am very happy to announce that I was asked by Sylvia and Sandy who were so kind to decide to continue in the same spirit as "My World" to be member of the new Our World Tuesday team.

I created the new logo, I just wanted this meme to be continued, because it is so interesting to see our different worlds as we are such an international group and there are many things we don't know of each other and we can't find in books.

Since 36 years I now live in Waterloo "on" the famous Battle field, where Napoleon lost the war against Wellington in 1815. It had been a very bloody battle where Wellington lost around 15,000 dead or wounded, and Bl├╝cher some 7,000 and Napoleon around 25,000 dead or wounded.

Most of the wounded soldiers died not on the battle field but afterwards of gangrene as there was no medication for a treatment.


The wounded soldiers where brought into the Waterloo Church which served as military hospital.


and beginning 20th century. The outside hasn't changed very much


I have been in this church many times for funerals and weddings but I had never noticed that there were so many English commemorative plaques hanging on the walls. I noticed them for the first time when I showed the church to my friend Sandra (Claudie) when she spent a week with me !

here are a few

Across the street is the Wellington Museum which had been his headquarter.

The garden is probably still the same, except the cat of course.

As all people at that time Wellington was quiet small. Today a 10 year old child could sleep in this bed for an adult it's to small.

His room and his coat. Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures, but we didn't know, so Claudie managed to take these 3 and I could at least make a picture of Wellington

sitting at his desk and writing military instructions

and also of his bust.

Although Wellington won the battle, when you come to Waterloo you will see much more things of Napoleon. Especially at the Waterloo lion. Everything from cups, plates, cuttlery statues to T-Shirts etc is with a Napoleon, therefore lots of tourist who don't know the history of the place think that Napoleon won the battle.


EG Wow said...

The logo for Our World is wonderful Gattina! You are very talented. Thank you for a glimpse of Waterloo.

Loree said...

Lovely photos. I also enjoyed the historical information. I did not realise Wellington was so small. Somehow I always assumed he was a tall man. Oh well, there goes another myth.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hi Gattina. First of all, thank you so much for co-hosting the new "Our World". I am so happy to see it continuing. (I will try to post the beautiful logo next time -- it always takes me a while to do that right!)

On your post -- We would really enjoy this museum -- it is our favorite way to learn history. The way those poor soldiers died makes one realize that we are so lucky to live in 'our world' today. The medical advances alone are something to be grateful for.

Arija said...

Gattina you have created a wonderful Our World logo with the eye on the world. Thank you. I too felt the meme needed to continue since it was such an all embracing one that Klaus had created. I am so glad Sandy and Sylvia had the courage to create Our World, it is a great vehicle to bring people together by familiarising them with far flung corners of our globe.

A wonderful post about Waterloo. The turns of history are so odd since the battle did not rage at Waterloo at all and only his memo was written there, yet Waterloo has become the tourist Mecca for the whole tragic battle. The battle of Waterloo is still one of those that make my stomach lurch when I think of it.

Ann said...

Thank you for continuing My World. I really enjoy it, and was missing it for a week.

You are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I agree - love the logo!

Fascinating glimpse into the church.

And if you're on Facebook, then please join the Our World community: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Our-World-Tuesday/190256911040290

sandra carlier said...

Thanks for the invit on our World, Gattina! My post speaks about the visit we did just before going to the museum and church! Fascinating as the church didn't change! The little cat doesn't imagine what happened in Waterloo!

Stewart M said...

Hi there - thank you for being part of the new Tuesday team.

Great pictures of Waterloo - good to see pictures somewhere that was just "over there" when we studied it at school.

Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

Linens and Royals said...

Such an interesting post Gattina, you live in the middle of such fascinating history. Nothing much has ever happened where I live, not now or in the past.
I suppose I could post a picture of boys jumping off the local bridge or fishing off the bridge right next to a sign forbidding such activity.

Jackie said...

An interesting history lesson and tour. Amazing how many Military leaders were men of small stature, though Wellington's nose apparently made up for his lack of height!
Love the logo you designed.
Do you get the 'Sharpe' TV series over there?

Carver said...

I love the logo you created.

I enjoyed the tour of Waterloo. Very interesting text and photographs.

Reader Wil said...

We all learned about this battle when we were young, but I wonder if the children nowadays know who won the Battle of Waterloo.
Thank you for the beautiful series of photos. Thank you also for continuing the meme albeit under a different name. The logo is splendid!

H said...

I love the logo; it is inspired!

I do love to read posts about other places. They are my favourite of all :)

Martha Z said...

A very interesting post and the church is quite lovely.
My thanks to you and the rest of the "Our World" crew for continuing to provide a meme where we can see more of our wold.
The Logo is wonderful!

Jo said...

Congratulations on the stunning logo, Gattina and for being on the Our World team. I'm so glad it's been continued. Thanks for the tour of Wellington Museum. It's amazing how small (and short many men were in those days) and also amazing how much you see when you show someone around your own area. Have a great week. Jo

Joyful said...

I always heard the song by Stonewall Jackson called "Waterloo" when I was a child. I still never got to visit so it was nice to see it through your eyes. I'm amazing we can still learn new things on return visits to somewhere.

Thanks to you and all the other ladies for continuing this wonderful meme.

A Lady's Life said...

this is so interesting thanks
It is nice to be surrounded by so much history
we will never catch up in canada lol

jabblog said...

When I saw the new logo a couple of days ago I thought how beautiful it was - well done:-)

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Calling by from Our World Tuesday, I am delighted to be part of this community and look forward to sharing photos with you and getting to know your part of the world. I love the new logo and really found your post today interesting.

jennyfreckles said...

You live in a very interesting and historic place. "He met his Waterloo" is a famous saying ever since!

eileeninmd said...

Thanks for hosting My World, the logo you created is very pretty. I enjoyed your post on the Church and the museum. Thanks for sharing.