9 May 2008



As the weather is so nice this week in Belgium, I took the opportunity and arranged a little our garden.


I have 3 ceramic cats sitting in the garden like the one in the first picture and two smaller once to cover tiles. The bronze cat is sitting in front of the kitchen door and usually helds it open.

These two are sitting on the animal grave yard under our wheeping willow tree

Besides our entrance door, is this warning sign : Attention Cat !


Carrie said...

How charming! The statues are very whimsical and endearing.

Tiffany said...

... and these cats won't dig in your garden!

Hootin' Anni said...

Gattina....so, so darling!

My show n tell in honor of mother's this weekend, is some of my mom's antique cooking implements.

Happy Friday!!!

Constance said...

The last one was my favorite. My folks have an attack kitty and they could use a sign like that!

Simply Heart And Home said...

We were thinking alike today. I posted my garden folk as well. I love your cats. And they don't dig up the garden either! :)

Barbara H. said...

What cute outdoor decorations!

Jaderocks said...

Your kitties are cute. I like the black one the best. I also like the cat sign by you door. I love cats.