22 Apr 2024



Formule 1 fan




 Notre weekend was wet again, fortunately we learned something new ! It is never too late ! Guess what we learned ? BLACK JACK ! had been several times in a Casino in different countries and on our cruise and of course also in Las Vegas, but I only play roulette and nothing else. Beside one other resident all the others had never seen a Casino except in movies !

So our animator found himself in front of a group of 70 to nearly 100 years old ladies and 2 men !

Some understood the rules immediately, some it took some time and some never ! You can imagine what fun we had and I won !! I had never played  this game in my life, but I really liked it. I told my 3 other friends that we should go to the Waterloo Casino and play for real ! I wonder what the players would say when they would see the 4 vintage ladies playing and maybe winning  ! 

The day was saved and we hadn't even realized that outside it was a lousy weather !

For Sunday Poker was foreseen, but it turned out that it was too difficult for us,  so he changed to another game which is called "Naval battle game" (bataille navale).  Apparently it is very easy to play but I didn't understand a thing and it was not only me there were 5 others who were also lost ! We played and I even touched a boat, I don't know how it happened I was not in a mood to make and effort.

Here is poor Kim who explained for the Xème time how the game worked, I admired his patience ! There was one who told us all the time that it was not the right game until another lost her temper and told her to play her game in another place ! It is a new one.  

Fortunately Isabelle came with the little girl who lives in an institution for abused children. Isabelle takes her all two weeks. The girl is 8 years old, very cute and friendly, but she can't read or write yet. But she makes progresses !

Hopefully I can walk my half hour tomorrow !


  1. Rosie is most adorable. I love how they can hide from us.

    I love playing 21. It's my favorite of all the casino games. I never won very much though.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. Scritches to Rosie. ♥

  2. Is touching a boat really a good thing? Maybe a minor collision?
    That's very kind of Isabelle. Literacy is a key for everyone's future.

  3. I would not have understood that battle game either...maybe the card game?? Hmmm, it took me forever to learn how to play euchre way back in high school, LOL!
    That was nice of you to help your friend arrange her new apartment.

    And hopefully the little girl that Isabella takes under her wing will thrive and make good progress.


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