11 Aug 2018


We still had beautiful weather when we left for Stockholm. When we arrived we explored the city in our bus, but continued walking to see the red, orange and terracotta coloured buildings.

The town center is old and has some crooked houses but we went there in the afternoon.

First we wanted to see the museum which houses the 17th century, 64 gun warship, the Vasa. It was really amazing to see such an old ship fully intact !

Then we left Stockholm to join our Ferry boat taking us to Helsinki ! I had never been on such a ferry it was like a cruise ship ! We had to check in almost like for an airplane, I had scissors with me and had to open my bag, but finally the guy let me through with my scissors and I promised I wouldn't kill anybody ! The ship was huge and had 10 floors, 7 with cabins and 2 with restaurants, shops, slot machines, a night club etc. It also was very nice to sit on the deck !

This was our ferry you can see my friend Bunny walking towards the check in and me sitting in our cabin without windows of course. But it was comfortable we had a good bed and a bathroom with shower, everything we needed for a night. I felt like sleeping in a cradle rocking softly ! Only when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night I walked like a drunken sailor ! It was really a very special experience !

At 9 am we arrived in Helsinki and did first a tour with our car. Then we were left alone our guide disappeared.

After having walked around and found a church we should visit closed because of a wedding, we discovered the city alone. We had a nice meal on the market, Bunny ate reindeer meatballs (poor Rudolf) and I had fish. It was served with little potatoes and vegetables.

As there was nothing special to see in Helsinki, we took a sightseeing boat which took us around some islands, apparently there are hundreds of them all around, and people usually have a weekend house there or uses a little island for holidays.

We were quite tired when we arrived in our hotel, which as usual is very comfortable and very nice.
Next time you will hear from me in St. Petersburg if I have time ! We will go there tomorrow !


William Kendall said...

The Vasa is quite impressive!

Maribeth said...

So much to see and so little time! I am so happy to get your report with pictures! How fun!

Mara said...

I think the Vasa sank on her maiden voyage, not even out of Stockholm!

I used to travel on those type of ferries crossing over to the UK. And of course last year from Norway to Denmark. As long as you don't have a cabin directly over the night club, it's usually fine!

Wendy said...

You are certainly travelling in style!

mamasmercantile said...

Looks like a great trip with so much to see. The ferry looked enormous but certainly comfortable.

Jo said...

That old ship is impressive, I loved your ferry. I went on a similar one from England to the Isle of Man but slept/sat in luxury seats instead of bed bunks. Great experience and I will look out for your next post.

Loree said...

The Vasa is very impressive. I am not surprised you had no windows in your cabin. Right now we have an office with no windows and we have to spend 8 hours copped up in there every day. But it's legal here so there's not much we can do.

Tamago said...

Wow that ferry boat is really huge. Looks fantastic!
I love the colorful buildings in Stockholm :-)

Fun60 said...

The Vasa museum was one of the highlights when I visited Stockholm. What an enormous ferry. It is very interesting following your tour with you.I am just catching up on all your posts. keep them coming.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Never heard of such a ferry! Wow.