12 Aug 2016


Since I wrote my last post, I went up from Eastbourne to Edinburgh !  You can see on the map where I started and where we ended up !

The trip was very smooth, we saw the most beautiful landscapes !

We stayed for 3 nights in Abington, which was very nicely located just in the middle of all things which were on the program.

On our way to Abdington, we stopped in Gretna Green. We also saw the famous train station of Bo'ness and made a tour on the train.

The highlight of the whole trip was of course the visit to Edinburgh and to see the Edinburgh Tattoo.

On the next day we drove through the beautiful landscapes of Trossachs and then made a boat tour on the Loch Katrine. It was very cold as you can see !

On our way home we stopped in Moffat which was famous for its sheep, but is today more a tourist place. In Green, which is not really a town but rather a big shopping center we separated, some going to the north, we to the south.

In Stains we three, Paula, her grandson and I were picked up by a taxi and driven first to Worthing dropped of in front of her house and then me in Eastbourne also in front of the house. The chauffeur even carried my suitcase to the door, what a service.

Now I am a bit tired and full of impressions, so I think I will write again when I am back home !

I am sorry that the text doesn't go where I want to, because during my absence Picasa has closed and now I have to download the pictures through Blogger and they mix it all up !
Has anyone an idea with which I could replace Picasa to get the htlm codes for the pictures ??


Faith said...

hw wonderful to have that trip! i enjoyed your photos

Andrew said...

I look forward to seeing and hearing more. It must have been very cold, by the way you look. So much for a Scottish summer. I prefer this method with your photos. They are bigger to see and come up in what I think is called 'lightbox'.

Barbara H. said...

What fun! So glad you got to go!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Sure look like you had a wonderful time. You have a nice smile.
Coffee is on

Willow said...

What a great trip! I noticed how warmly you were dressed so I knew it must be cold.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - you certainly saw lots of places ... so good to see you had fun - cheers Hilary

Sasha said...

that looks like a lovely trip, Gattina. I lived in UK for 5 years in the seventies and there are very scenic places to visit.

mamasmercantile said...

Sounds like a great trip. Shame it was so cold for your trip on the lake.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Cold, but I could stand some of that about now -- it's really hot here in Oregon, which is unusual. And even if cold the sky is blue there, so I could handle that. Glad you had fun -- it must be beautiful.

diane b said...

Looking forward to seeing where you went. It sure looked cold on the loch. I load my photos from my desktop into blogger. Some people use Flickr.

Claudie Cartereau said...

Did you by this beautiful scottish cover ? Sounds it was warm on your knee !