7 Jan 2014


More and more European countries gave up the winter and summer sales laws. I don't even know if it still exists in other parts of our world. But in Belgium there is a very strict legislation concerning sales :

"A seller can make a sale under the term "sales" or equivalent denomination only 2 times a year. 2 sales periods are fixed by law. The winter sales are therefore beginning on January 3 and ends on January 31. The summer sale will be held from July 1 to 31."

The result is, that when the Sales start, we have "boxing day" the whole month long. The first day is the worst. There people line up very early morning to get the best bargains as soon as the doors open,  when on the country side the rooster starts his first song.

I don't like this winter and summer sales, yes sometimes you can make a good bargain, but often the stores also cheat, they keep the same price, and put the "Sales" label just underneath. Therefore more and more people check prices of things they want to buy before the "Sale" starts and check if it's a real "Sale" or not an increase of the normal price. (That happens too) I was quiet surprised why two shop owners asked me why I took pictures. I explained for what. Afterwards I understood ! They thought I was comparing the prices before and after "Sales"

Armed with my camera I walked through Waterloo and here is how the city looks like now !

A little strange

On the main street

and in the two shopping galleries

Some stores translated "Soldes" into "Sales" and confused the poor people who don't speak English, "sales" means "dirty" in French and the kids probably wondered why they had to point out that their windows were dirty. The shoe shop wanted to be sure and wrote his "Sales" in all languages.

and these are the clever once, they don't mention the word "Soldes" they put "clearance" on their shops from time to time during the year and avoid the law !

Not on "Sales" was the church, Napoleon and Wellington !


Cezar and Léia said...

Very clever post dear Gattina. Many times,I have my doubts if prices are fixed with some REAL reduced. Sometimes I see absurd prices!Last Sunday we decided to visit that "outlet" Maasmechelen Village; the place was packed with cars already in the parking lot. People "crazy" lining up to get in some stores. I try to avoid crowded malls, and left to do some shopping after Christmas thinking that the shops would be quieter.The idea was not very good this time. So, we gave up shopping and returned home immediately! :D

Anonymous said...

Nice shots! Lots of sales too here...

Photo Cache said...

Here in America they have sales evry single day. It's not even worth going out to shop anymore.

Linens and Royals said...

You are so brave with your camera and could I please have a couple of boys and girls at 30% off?
Sales happen any old time here. If I see something I like I wait and in a few days it will be discounted.

EG CameraGirl said...

Sounds like storekeepers there are playing the same tricks there as here. Many people are checking before and after prices here.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

No laws like that about sales; they are constant here. Everywhere, everyday, nobody pays full price (but the stores cheat also so the sale price is what used to be the full price). People like to think they're getting a bargain. One big national chain here tried to go with everyday prices and no sales and they very nearly went bankrupt.

The confusion over the French meaning of the word made me laugh. Actually sales (in French) is very common here too!

Anonymous said...

Same here in Italy

Cynthia said...

The word "sale" is meaningless anymore, because everything is always being marketed at one reduced price or another. Interesting though that your shops are limited as to the number of sales per year. I don't think that would go over in the US!

Jo said...

It's amazing that there's a law against extra sales. In South Africa (and other countries in Africa probably) there are many sales: summer, winter, clearance, birthday and of course after holidays like Christmas.

Fun60 said...

Although I like a bargain I can't stand the long queues and crowds you get during the sales.

Sandra Carlier said...

I didn't do my shopping today for the first sales' day! I hate when there are to many people in shops and streets!