13 Jul 2012


1. I went over to Dominique to help her sorting out our photos from Tunisia and explained the function of Picasa, to crop, to lighten etc. This took us nearly the whole afternoon.

She also had bought two canaries, to replace the poor little grey birds, cat Arthur had scared to death and one probably landed in his stomac ! This time there is no worker in the house and Mr. G. will lock the door to the guest room where they spent their holidays when Dominique is away. She can't keep them in her house, because she closes all stores and put on her alarm.

2. What else to do on rainy days, I got a bunch of photos from my grandson Toby, which my son had sent me. I cropped them for a collage and made two.

Now I don't know which one to choose to put in a frame, I am not a photo frame fan, and don't like to put photos everywhere in the house, especially when people are still alive ! But of course our visitors want to see Toby, so he is an exception. Which one would you choose for a frame ?

3. It continued to rain therefore I thought I have to put some order in my papers and also in my wardrobe, because it's always a mess in there, after a few weeks. I can't keep my T-shirts, pullovers, etc in order for a long time !

4. Impossible to mow the lawn, because of the rain, it's now 10 days that we have cold weather and rain. As the sun comes out from time to time, the garden quickly becomes a jungle ! I needed to go out so I took the bus to Brussels, as I am retired I can ride for free, made a little tour in a store and a gallery, to escape the showers, and then returned back home. There was nothing special to buy, but at least I had done a little walk.

5. We had our last painting class, now we are on holidays until September on the contrary of "normal" students we are not happy at all, as we are on holidays the whole year !

After school I met an old friend I hadn't seen for a long time, we went together to Art School and we had lunch together.

Then I went to "my" Indian shop to buy my nightcream, and of course I couldn't resist to buy this necklace, which fits so nicely to my new blouse. I always tell me that I am doing  a good action as the money goes to an Indian village school. All excuses are good !


Cezar and Léia said...

The necklace is beautiful!You did great shop, it's really nice to wear in these Summer days.But wait...Where is the Summer? LOL I confess I'm kind of "fed up" of this weather in Luxembourg. It's raining a lot and even cold! :(

Well...lets talk about something wonderful!I love Toby's portraits, he is an adorable boy! Great pictures!

I wish you a sunny weekend,

diane b said...

We are having rain too and I miss my morning walks. I can't be bothered going to the mall to walk but I should or the gym.Toby is a little boy now no more baby. I like the top one best.

Maribeth said...

Toby is growing so fast! He really resembles you! I think because you are always smiling and mostly he is too!
I spent the day with Amanda and my granddaughter yesterday and we had such fun! There are pictures on my blog and Facebook!

Barbara H. said...

Those are cute photos of Toby!

Sounds like you came up with some good rainy day activities!

Faith said...

Oh I LOVE those pics of your Toby. Which one to put in a frame? hm....I LOVED the top middle one. So cute!! (they are ALL good but that was my fave). Sounds like you had a good week despite your rain. Here in New York State we need rain desperately. It has been over 30 days with no rain. But i do love the sun....just not watering of the lawn every evening. have a good weekend!!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Toby is just precious and the pictures are wonderful! And I love that necklace. Hope your weather gets more cooperative. Have a great week!

Loree said...

I would say it's a great excuse too :) It's funny that you are getting so much rain and we have had sweltering heat all week :(

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a fun day.....frame the one that has the picture of him with the bowl on his head, that's very cute!

Gledwood said...

I very nearly bought a canary on impulse last year when I was a bit "manic". I'm so glad I didn't, even though I do like canaries a lot. I like lovebirds even more. Especially when I found out they cost exactly the same as budgies!

ps finally i put your blog on my new blogroll. I knew I had left out some important person but you know me. I have a brain like a seive...

sandra carlier said...

You realized a marvelous collage! Your grand son can be proud of his grand ma! He'so cute! Today I wanted to do as you and look in the cartoons to see what i won't use at the new house but my SIL and her husband Camille arrived at home and i changed my plans!

Kay L. Davies said...

I would choose the first collage, I think. I love his facial expressions!

Susanne said...

Oh what cute pictures of Toby. So hard to choose.

It's nice to get out away from the house even if just to a store. Lovely necklace!