13 May 2011


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Mr. G. is still on holidays in Italy and will come back on Saturday, so I lead my lazy life without looking on my watch !

1. After acqua gym and the usual chat with a cup of tea, I went with Dominique to our little Greek restaurant, where I had these delicious dolmades and of course a portion of chips

which I shouldn't have taken but rather Pita bread, but I don't eat chips a lot and thought it was an opportunity.

2. Our garden slowly becomes a jungle and as I realized that you had to be a contorsionist to get to our entrance door, I took our little hedge cutter and cut the most disturbing twigs off. But it is not enough and I will have to call our gardner, we are not strong enough anymore to do it ourselves.

3. The weather is still warm and sunny and the garden furniture is out since quiet some time, so after having done some shopping together with my friend Chantal we spent the whole afternoon on the patio chatted and relaxed.

4. Dominique and I had a very good idea, we ordered a Sushi menu, including soup, salad 14 sushis each to be delivered to my home and then we had a nice meal and afterwards we watched a "Midsummer Murder" movie, which she loves too. So we both had a nice evening.

5. Rain is announced for the weekend, therefore I quickly mowed the lawn and then continued to read my book and returned to my computer.

Due to Blogger's crash, this post appeared days later


Kay L. Davies said...

You are a busy person, Gattina. I'm so glad you found time to take us to the Atomium and the palace and to see so much of Brussels.
The sushi sounds wonderful. Mmm! Sitting and chatting on the patio sounds even better!
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Maribeth said...

Funny how that worked out with Blogger.

Pamela said...

Our garden is slow to come forth. We lost many flowers and small bushes this year. So odd it is.

I don't think I have the $ to replace them this year. Starting to wonder if we should begin to change our garden to the native plants and forget about the showy stuff.

I missed out on the blogger mess because I so seldom blog or visit. So I didn't have any withdrawals or anything ha ha

Loree said...

You keep yourself very busy which is good. I am trying to catch up on everyone's post. My in-laws are visiting from the US and I am quite busy at the moment.