27 May 2008


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Royal fashion gaffes at wedding

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Zara ... (grandchild of THE Queen at the wedding of her brother) not all white

THIS is what fake tan’s for, Zara — writes Fashion Editor Erica Davies.
The groom’s sister, 27, would have looked as elegant as her strapless Eau de Nil frock — but blew it by forgetting to fill in her bikini tan marks.

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Bea ... mad hat-ter (Sarah Ferguson daughter)

WHEN butterflies attack it can be ugly, as Princess Beatrice, 19, proves.
The bizarre headpiece was designed by Philip Treacy — also responsible for the dreaded pineapple hat worn by Sarah Jessica Parker last week. Fortunately my cats weren't invited to this wedding ! They love to chase butterflies !

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ONE of the Queen’s footmen has been sacked for leaving a pal free to wander the corridors of Buckingham Palace. Flunky Stephen Robertson lost his €19,000-a-year job after admitting he left a male guest alone in his quarters at Her Majesty’s residence.
The footman, in his 20s, signed in his visitor but later left him alone while he went out.
Visitors are supposed to be accompanied at all times. This poor Queen ! persecuted all the time by young man ! The last one could even go into her bedroom ! Can you believe that ? But everybody has his own taste, we had a young man here in Belgium who raped over 80 years old women in hospitals !

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Bull jailed for shop rampage
A BULL has been jailed in Mexico after locals claimed he devoured their corn crops and destroyed two wooden shops. The judge of Canalumtic, police commander Felipe Gomez, jailed the bull until its owner, Moises Santiz, pays for the damages.
It is not the first time an animal has been jailed in Mexico. Last year a dog was jailed for biting someone. There must not be a lot of criminals in Mexico, we wouldn't have space for a bull in our prisons.

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Billy the Goldfish

WHAT a gill! This clever fish doesn’t mind hitting the net – after being taught to play footie like Viz magazine’s Billy The Fish. Owner Dr Dean Pomerleau also trained goldfish Comet to slalom, play rugby and even limbo by rewarding him with food when he successfully completes a task.
And now the fish trainer, of Los Angeles, US, has released a DVD to teach others how to do it. What a dream for my cat Arthur ! He could watch football (soccer) live here in our living room and not only on TV ! I have to buy a goldfish !!

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Couple celebrate 80th anniversary

A couple thought to have been married longer than anyone in the country have celebrated their 80th anniversary. Frank and Anita Milford, from Plymouth, exchanged vows on 26 May, 1928.
Frank is 100 and when Anita also turns 100 in June. Oh my ! another 40 years to go for us !


quilly said...

True love does exist! There is a couple at Heritage United Methodist Church in Las Vegas who are working on that record as well!

Mar said...

The Royals need our fashion advice...lol!
Love that goldfish!
80th anniversary?? that's quite an accomplishment and never heard of such a long marriage...!

Liz said...

Do you know that I didn't know anything about the royal wedding?

80 years?! That's incredible.

Maribeth said...

What a lovely thing. 80 years together!
Yes, the Royals are a disaster. At least the ones who are born to it. Seems the ones who marry in, have better sense.

Melli said...

I MUST have that butterfly hat!!! LOL! I'm sure I could FIND the perfect outfit to go with it!

80th anniversary! OY! MIRACLES do happen! Really... that is quite amazing, sweet, and something they should certainly be PROUD of!!!

I'm forwarding the fish to daughter Amanda! She has a 50 gallon aquarium - and has played soccer all her life! She MUST have a fish like this!

Hootin' Anni said...

Well....I know for certain I won't make it to 100!!

You go girl! If you have 40 yrs to go for your 80th with Mr. Gattino...you can do it!!! More power to you both.

Lifecruiser said...

Of course I have to say that the last news were the best, the love couple giving us all hope :-)

Though I'm not sure that I really wanna be that old.... hm....

Jeanette said...

The Royal Fashion (Not)OHH the hat looks like the butterflies should be in the garden.
80Years Married WOW

vlado&toni said...

oh gattina, i always like it when you do a post like this, your news are always exciting and hilarious, also a bit crazy some times. that man who trained his gold fish is probably not a blogger, otherwise he wouldn't have much time to train his fish. i just hope he gets enough buyers for his dvd.

Deana said...

Why in the world didn't someone tell her those tan lines looked tacky? What has happened to royalty of new...they just don't have the same class.

I loved your trip to the USA post and all those great pictures!