14 Apr 2012


Yesterday was Friday the 13, I didn't know it at all and anyway I never pay attention to that day as I am not superstitious at all.

The day began nicely when I climbed out of my bed, started my yoga exercises and put my foot in something wet and disgusting, one of my cats had barfed on the carpet of course and not on the parquet. That's to easy to clean. I hobbled on one food to the bathroom and cleaned my food.

Then I went to the kitchen to prepare my first cup of coffee the best of the whole day, which I then carried to my computer. Instead of putting it on the side table, looking at the screen, I dropped it on the floor. Apparently the table had suddenly shrinked. Still without my first cup of coffee, I cleaned the floor and finally could drink my first cup.

We have a Philips Senseo coffee machine and for those who don't know what it is you have to put in a coffee pad push the button for heating up the water and then another so that the hot water runs through the coffee pad. Usually it's delicous if you change the pad each time you make a new cup. My second cup tasted like hot water with a little coffee aroma which I only realized after having emptied the cup. I had forgotten to change the pad. Disgusting !

Mr. G. who had followed my misfortunes with interest, told me that it is no wonder because today it's Friday 13 ! He better shouldn't have told me because from that moment on, everything what happened to me was the fault of Friday 13 !

In the afternoon I mowed the lawn. When the first basket was full I emptied it into a paper bag delivered by the city against payment of course. Then I continued, wondering why the grass flew into my face. I looked around and stated that I had forgotten to put in the basket of the lawn mower ! I comforted myself by telling me "don't get excited, it's only Friday 13" !

Besides my with green grass covered face which I saw when I looked in the mirror, I survived the afternoon without any major problems, except that while I was cutting chicken breasts, Arthur the cat stole one piece, I only had turned my head for a second.

I didn't suffocate under my pillow during the night, neither fell out of my bed before midnight, the house still stood, and my computer worked. Therefore I was able to write this post today !


Jo said...

OMW you made me LOL at all the things that happened on your Friday 13th. Apparently it's "good luck" to step into something like cat barf as you wake up, ha-ha. I love the coffee episode and your grass mowing made me splutter mine all over my keyboard (well, almost)And as for Arthur, he should employ Shadow as an accomplice as he is the biggest thief in Africa (and that's no mean feat!) I'm also not superstitious, but I had the worst day ever, Nothing funny all awful, but I also survived it to wake up to a new day today.Next time this date comes around, I will take my bed to the highest mountain and stay there until the 14th! Hope you are having the best weekend ever. (((Hugs))) Jo PS Thanks for cheering me up.

Linens and Royals said...

You were unlucky. No bad things happened to me. My first cup of coffee in the morning is very important to me. I take it back to bed to drink and listen to the news on the radio. If the world hasn't ended overnight I can get up and start my day.

Ecl Tan said...

LOL .... you are so cool. Thank God you survived Friday the 13th. I forgot all about and woke up to find it gone.

Trotter said...

Hi Gattina! So, you survived Friday 13th... Like Woody Allen would say: I'm not superstitious; it brings bad luck... ;))

Blogtrotter Two is missing you at the Virgin Islands... Enjoy and have a great weekend!!!

Joyful said...

I'm here from Jo's post. I was entertained by your story. It made me laugh though I'm sure that as things happened they were not so funny to you. It is good to laugh as laughter is good medicine. Have a good Saturday the 14th.

diane b said...

You had me giggling with your Fri 13th bad luck stories.

Sallie (FullTime-Life.com said...

I am so glad you survived the day ;>)....thanks for the laughs.

momto8 said...

the 13th is a good day for Catholics...this is the day many believe Mary appeared to the 3 little fatima children.
as for me..I was walking around with my sweat pants backwards all day long and no one said a word to me about it!!

BECKY said...

Hello! Very cute and funny post, just as Jo said. (That's how I found you. I hopped over from Jo at Memorable Meanders!) I smiled just reading your profile....you're German, married to an Italian, and live in Belgium. Sounds so lovely!