13 Dec 2010


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As the weather was ideal to catch a cold, humid, chilly and with some raindrops falling on my head, I thought I will have a look on the Christmas decorations of the two Galleries we have in Waterloo. There is the old one, called "Gallerie Wellington" and the new one called " New Gallery" which is very original indeed.

I don't know if I am spoiled now after 3 years of Christmas decoration reports, but I found the decorations rather poor.

The old Gallery was decorated in red

while the new one just on the other side of the street was decorated in an elegant silver look !

I took some pictures for "My World" and went home without buying anything.

I also went to the Waterloo Christmas market, which was rather a "Christmas tent" not a lot to see either, at least nothing of interest to me,

But there was hot chocolate melted in front of your eyes which were served in little cups to be licked out and of course the traditional hot wine.

The afternoon I spent with Dominique we always have a lot to chat, while Mr. G. was watching an action movie on TV. I think I have action enough in my life and anyway I don't like these kind of films.

Sunday wasn't better but eventually I went to the Waterloo market, just to get some fresh air, and came back with eggs from a farmer. On the way back I stopped at the Indian shop, the 4 weeks before Christmas the shops are open on Sundays so lots of people were shopping, just because it was a Sunday and of course all shops were full !

This shop is just unbelievable, it doesn't look like a shop at all, it's just as if you enter in an Indian palace. Another world. It is a shop who sells only things made in an Indian village and all the money collected goes to them to help the people. I think this is a very good idea. Lots of people were there to do their Christmas shopping.

Late afternoon my neighbor Vivi whom I know since 35 years, came for the 3rd advent, so we lighted the 3rd candle, had tea and the traditional Italian Christmas cake. Unfortunately her 94 year old boyfriend had a cold and had to stay home.

and while we had our Panettone and the German Christmasstollen, we listened to the latest news of our street reported by Vivi ! She is the best local newspaper !


  1. Hi Gattina;) you have the most cosmopolitan lifestyle of anyone I know. Imagine Pannetone and Christmasstollen in one sitting. You are such an interesting person and it's because you are interested in everything and have a heart for people. Nah, you definetly have an action packed life and I love reading about it. The galleries absolutely PALE beside that wonderful Indian shop. I hope we get to see more photos of it. Have a good week. (((Hugs))) Jo

  2. Can you imagine it? You and I had the same thing this Christmas. A Paneton, or Panetone as is spelt in your country.

    My adult ESOl student from Peru gave me one, and I shared it with friends from India, Malaysia, Taiwan and New Zealand. It certainly was the centre of attraction.

    They say it is light more like bread than cake. What do you think.

  3. Tea with Vivi sounded like the best fun. Our shops are always open on Sunday.

  4. I have my lebkuchen, marzipan stollen and a small basket of fruit shaped marzipan.
    Loved the Indian Shop.

  5. I don't get out to the stores very often so it is nice to see some Christmas decorations. I do keep abreast of things Belgium (politics and weather etc) because my firend Lynne's brother lives in Antwerp and also keeps an apartment in Toronto so he is back and forth often.

    I was thinking of you when I read about all the going's on in Egypt. First there were shark attacks in the Red Sea and now some dramatic stormy weather. Were these in the area you vacation in?

  6. I like the Silver decoration. the chocolate fountain look great and yummy and the wine drink sound great.It was cold here and that would have warmed me up. Oh now that Panettone, that is so inviting. I think I will have to make one this week. It reminds me of Germany and the fun times there in this season.Perhaps I will put the recipe up for this Thursday's Holiday flare on my Kitchen blog.

  7. LOL, that 94 year old boyfriend was too much for me but I am so glad that love lasts well into advanced age ;)
    That Indian shop looks very interesting.

  8. It is so nice to walk around the stores around Christmas time but the last few years I noticed also they have not glitzed up in their usual
    arrays and customs. All the last years decorations were up and being sold which means they didn't sell the year before so instead of getting rid of them they stored them for the next year.
    What else is one to do?
    This is life today.:)
    I don; do shopping since the guys like to go out together. I loved buying the childrens presents but now I have no children to speak of. Everyone is all grown up.

  9. Nice to see your decorations!!!
    I'm on holiday after school tomorrow!!! So i will have time for christmas report here!!!
    waiting now for the permis de construire in order to contract the selling!!!
    What a nice idea this indian shop!!! Anaïs and Kalle go back Finland on Sunday! Short time together!


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