Tuesday, 30 October 2012


As in some parts of our World, Halloween is approaching I thought I should show you a bar in Brussels, located in a little street near the Grand'Place. It's open the whole year and has nothing to do with Halloween.

It must be very old, because when I was 20, the bar existed already and I have been in there several times with a group of friends. It was very funny !

The window shows a skeleton in a coffin

which, to cheer you up wears a rose in its mouth !

This is the entrance to "Le Cercueil" which means "The coffin"

Some nice graffitis on both sides. I couldn't go inside because it was early afternoon and the bar only opens in the evenings.

But I found some pictures to show you how it looks inside

the lamps


and their various famous cocktails with very original names ! You can order :

Vampire blood
cadaver juice
Demon's sperm
Virgin's elixir
bat's hemoglobin etc.

The beer "Mort subite" (sudden death) is served in these chops.

It is the ideal place to cheer you up during the whole year !


  1. Beautiful photographs, unusual documentary. I am greeting

  2. What a great bar - well worth a visit!

  3. Wow, what an interesting bar. The skeleton and the coffins are very Halloweenish. The lamps and tables are cool and I like the drink names. great photos, I especially loved the skeleton with the rose.

  4. Extraordinary! Not a very relaxing sort of place . . . ;-)

  5. I want to go there! Thanks for the tour.

  6. How bizarre. I don't think I would like it very much.

  7. oh gosh! I think I'd go once just to see lol

  8. I must say it is a relief to be back on-line. Everywhere I look today there are pumpkins, so your post makes a welcome and amusing change. :)

  9. I like your reflection in the window!

  10. Oooooh.....scary! Some of those drink titles are hilarious (so awful they're funny!). I would enjoy that place once or twice, but can't imagine making it a regular hangout.

  11. Incroyable Ingrid!! Ce bar est vraiment incroyable!!! Je partage sur mon face book si tu n'y vois pas d'inconvénient car ici un tel bar je n'en ai jamais vu de ma vie!!!


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