28 Jul 2015


This morning when I woke up and opened the curtains, I saw some blue sky ! What a delight after this horrible weather yesterday !

After breakfast I went out and took  this picture of my hotel. It's located just at the seafront.

The breakfast and dining room and also a piano in a corner. Here I sit with my little computer and write.

I crossed the street

sat on a bench and had this gorgeous peaceful view. I stayed there enjoying the sunshine and watched the people walking by. Everybody is so friendly, although I didn't know these people they all said a good morning to me.

The little train ran already from one beach end to the other.

At 11 am Doug picked me up and we went to friends of him and Anne living in Worthing an hour and something driving. They had invited me as they do each year. It was so nice to see them.

They live in a cute old cottage and at the entrance I saw this sign, which would fit on our house too !

They have a very friendly white German shepherd called Lilli. Another couple arrived and we all walked together down to the beach.

We had a delicious lunch in this Pub

and I of course had my traditional fish and chips ! After an ice cream we returned and had coffee at Moggie's house. We spent a very  nice afternoon all together and left at around 6 pm.

I couldn't eat any supper I was still so full from lunch ! So Doug and I went into a Pub in Eastbourne and had a last drink together. Then he dropped me off at my hotel.

The air of the sea makes me tired and went to bed very early !


  1. It's good to see the bright blue skies. I hope it stays like that for you.

  2. Grand medley of stunning images!

  3. Hi Gattina .. the weather looks quite welcoming - though I know the wind was awful! Glad it was sunny .. and that you had a happy day in Worthing with Doug and Anne's friends ...

    See you tomorrow for our trip to Herstmonceux Castle ...

    Enjoy your lunch out with the girls today ... cheers Hilary

  4. Now I am hungry for fish and chips. Lilli is a very pretty dog.

  5. Glad the weather improved. Your hotel looks neat. The beach with pebbles always surprises me as we only have sandy beaches. You had a nice day with friends. Thats good. I have the same sign stuck on my fridge.

  6. These are all great shots.
    BTW... I need that sign re: the grumpy old man!
    Please drop by this week's linkup:

  7. Eastbourne does not bring me happy memories, only time I went there with Mum & Dad I was sick. Looks a nice place apart from that stony beach

  8. Sounds you have great time with your friends ! You make me hungry with your fish and chips ! The hostel looks marvelous ! Hello to Doug from Ollioules !

  9. Glad you are having a lovely time in Eastbourne, blue sky and fish & chips with everyone saying 'morning' to you!
    Wren x

  10. Beautiful hotel and area...

    Precious house, you visited. So funny sign!!! -gigggles-

    And another perfect day!

    Lucky you, to enjoy traveling, solo. And Hooray for you, continuing to do so.


  11. Oh what a sweet place and that plate of fish and chips has my mouth-watering!

  12. I am glad the weather is nice for your holiday! The fish & chips looks delicious. And Lilli is a pretty dog! Great photos, enjoy your week!

  13. Brilliant blue sky, that's what you need when you're on a holiday.

  14. Oh that is so funny! A White German Shepherd named Lilli! You know our White German Shepherd is named Lili!

  15. Glad the sun came out ~ what a lovely place to be staying ~ great shots! Enjoy!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  16. You got some good weather. Lovely shots!

  17. So glad the weather cleared up; it is beatuiful in these pictures.

  18. I don't stay in hotels a lot, but I like to watch the Hotel Inspector.


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