14 Feb 2020


As Nicole had a doctor appointment we played our Scrabble on Tuesday and not on Monday. So I stayed home listened to the storm and cleaned the entrance a bit blow almost away and returned quickly inside. The storm has slowed down a bit, but still it's better not to wear a wig, it would blow away !

Miss Isis was a bit troubled and anxious with the noise of the wind

Our Scrabble was very difficult this time and we were one person less, so it lasted very long and finally when one had done a scrabble we gave up and devored the fruit and chocolate cake which Nicole had served. We talked about the damages which the storm had caused, fortunately all the people we know were covered by their insurance, because when your roof blows away it can become very expensive.

It still rained a bit but it was not stormy anymore and so we went to the Garden Center we wanted to go on Sunday and couldn't because of the storm. We found the Buddha we were looking for immediately, but nothing else, it was a bad time, between two seasons, Christmas finishd, Eastern not yet there, for flowers and plants it was too early so they had taken the opportunity to move everything around to make space for the new collection of furniture, decoration, garden sheds etc.

The buddha as birthday gift

One of the garden decorations ! Very tasteful :) ! I sent a photo to my friend and told her we have found the Buddha !

The main subject of our conversations during our painting class was of course the storm Ciara. Many had quite strong damages ! After that as usual we went for lunch together this time in the Lunch Garden because we were all in a hurry.

I had an appointment with an Estate Agent who also was my son's best friend because we had decided to sell our house and move into an apartment more in the city center. He knew our house of course I had gathered all needed papers, he checked and took notes. Now the big step into another part of our life is taken ! I was relieved ! Suddenly the decluttering, the moving etc seemed so easy to me, while the weeks before I had anxiety attacks, when I thought about moving. As soon as the weather is better I will sell most of my cat collection, give all the books to the red cross and call somebody for all the furniture we won't need anymore. The best thing to do now is to sit on my sofa and tell myself, I will do that tomorrow ! Anyway I have 6 month maxiumum but hope it will be sold as quick as possible.

Now each time I have nothing to do I am on Internet to look for an apartment ! That's nice too !

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Mara said...

Good luck with finding a new place. At least you're buying, which means it will be quicker than renting!

Faith said...

Good luck with selling,your house!!

Glad,your storm left!!

I'm not into those kinds of garden decorations but i do love browsing in the Soring to find some cute pottery for flowers or some new wind chimes.

Happy. Valentine's Day!! ( do people in Belgium celebrate that holiday??)

Tamago said...

I hope the house will be sold quickly and your moving goes smoothly. It's a big task but change for the better :-)

Andrew said...

Wow, exciting times for you. I hope it all goes well.

William Kendall said...

What big eyes Isis has!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Change is good! Keeps us young (so they say and sips I tell myself when I get anxious ). Will you move into a “special for seniors” apartment or a general one close to where you want to be? You *are* staying in Waterloo, right? .... we moved into an apartment complex for all ages (in Oregon) but when we can no longer travel back and forth every year to Florida, I envision us moving into a senior independent living facility.

Willow said...

I hope your home sells faster than ours. We are still waiting for a buyer after five months. We are always looking at places in our new area, but of course we can't do anything until the house is sold.

I'm sorry the storm did so much damage everywhere. Hopefully, everything is easy to repair.

yonosoymillenium said...

A great post, I love the Zen motif, I am a fan of these types of decorations.
by the way, we read each other but I have realized that we don't follow each other, what do you think if we do it? a hug.

Susanne said...

Well that is exciting news about the move. Hoping your house sells quickly for a good price and that you find the perfect apartment for yourselves!