Tuesday, 4 December 2012


When we came into our room, and wanted to take a shower before supper, I noticed that there were no bath towels in the bathroom !

I just wanted to ring the room service when Dominique noticed that there was a ghost looking like swan sitting on our TV ! The bath towels !

I had payed for 48 h internet use and complained again because I payed 10 € (14 $) for 2 days ! that's really not a service but usury ! Normally in such hotels in Hurghada Internet use is free ! Even in the McDonalds !

But then on the way to the restaurant I discovered a nice little cafĂ© very cosy where WiFi was free ! Of course I had to drink something, but anyway I would have done this before supper. So I sat down there, ordered a tea did my blogging and didn't even pay one € ! besides that, I had music and friendly English and German hotel guests.

I spent a calm day at the beach because Dominique and Nicole had booked a trip on a ship which took them to an island where they could snorkel to see corals and fishes.

I waved good bye and continued my "work" on the beach.


  1. it all looks lovely and warm over there. And it sounds as if the sketches were a big hit.

  2. Those towels are starting to look a bit creepy. Are you sure they are not moving around the room by themselves when no one is looking!!

  3. those internet charges are so annoying. I reckon all hotels should have free connection. Don' work too hard on the beach.

  4. Those are nice ships.
    Too bad the hotel charges for internet. Kinda spoils everything a bit.

  5. Sounds a lot of fun!!!! I wish I could be with you three! But I'm at school preparing christmas with the pupils!!! :-'

  6. I like the idea of your 'work' :) Maybe I will try to do that tomorrow and see what my manager says.


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