Friday, 4 September 2015


1. The whole last week I was very upset with our internet connection and my old little travel notebook, I had to use because my computer is getting repaired, the keyboard didn't work anymore. I have to wait for 6 to 8 weeks until I get it back. On Sunday evening I was ready to throw the thing against the wall. It still had Window XP and I couldn't even get into our bank account.

I told Mr. G. that I will buy a new one. He was delighted ! He loves to install programs and make it work. I could buy a new computer every week !

2. First thing I did on Monday morning I went to the shop and bought a new one !

and here it is, a little Asus ! Arthur presents it to show the size. The only color they had, was red and that was even better ! As Mr. G. was playing cards on Monday afternoons, I turned around the unpacked computer, hold it in my hands and found it so light ! Almost like a tablet.

3. Patience is not one of my qualities, so I thought I just will switch it on to see how it works. And as it started with showing instructions, I just continued, it went on without any problem. When Mr. G. came back he made eyes like my cat Rosie when she sees a mouse and was a little disappointed that I had already started. Then he stole it away from me and fumbled around the whole evening while I was watching a film on TV.

4. Besides some shopping I was busy to install all my files and folders into my new jewel ! The gardener came and trimmed the bushes around the house, autumn is on the doorsteps and it was great time ! With our rollercoaster weather everything has grown so quickly and there was a lot to cut.

In the evening I went with Nicole to the cinema and we watched a very funny French movie with the title "Une famille à louer" (A family to rent). It was the story of a very depressed, very rich man who didn't know what to do the whole day since he had stopped working. The idea came from his butler who suggested him to rent family to get over his depression. The result was hilarious, two noisy children, a messy house and a beautiful mom. Of course there was a happy end and we had a very nice time and laughed a lot. After the cinema we had a drink in a pub.

5. Summer holidays are over and school has started in Belgium. For me too, after two months my painting class started again.

We all were happy to see each other again, although some of my classmates I had met during the holidays. Our coffee break was very long, because we had so many news to exchange !

Nicole and I went to our travel agency and booked 2 weeks in "my" hotel where I go since 7 years for end November to get some sunshine to help us over the dark winter months. 

Late afternoon I drove my neighbor to the hospital for her monthly shot in her eyes. Her view doesn't improve, but doesn't get worse neither and that's for her good news.

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Thursday, 3 September 2015


The first punks in my life I saw at the end of 1980, far later than in other countries. Belgium for new provocative youth things was always a bit late. To me the punks looked awful with their colored cocks comb, but on the other hand I thought my generation had terrorized our parents with the rocker looks !

Real punk politics covered the entire political spectrum. Punk-related ideologies were mostly concerned with individual freedom and anti-establishment views. Common punk viewpoints include anti-authoritarianism, a DIY ethic, non-conformity, direct action and not selling out.

But those I saw on the street, were mostly there to annoy women or elderly people and had fun to see their fear. Amongst the friends of my son there were no punks, but he was in a "Jesus" look phase and let his hair grow until his shoulders, which when I saw him in the dark with his length of 2 m (6.6 f) frightened me more !

One day I was in a pet shop to buy cat food. Suddenly a terrifying punk approached me, with a green cock comb, nail covered leather jacket and other accessories. On his shoulder sat a rat. He came very close and bent his shoulder so that the rat almost touched me. Unfortunately for him I am not afraid of rats at all and instead of screaming and running away, I petted the rat and told him what a cute pet he had ! The rat was delighted the punk not at all, I have rarely seen such a disappointed look ! I smiled at him and went away to buy my cat food. The punk left the shop with hanging shoulders,  while his rat tried to climb on his head.

Jenny Matlock
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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Jumble market in Waterloo read more here

Monday, 31 August 2015


I went visiting Marianne in hospital. When I saw her I was shocked. She looked like a living skeleton, only bones with some chair around. like a concentration camp escapee. Apparently she was strong enough now, not to be happy to be alive, no, she was very furious and angry that she had been saved and complained all the time pitying herself. I quickly noticed that she hadn't changed except she was worse than before. She terrorizes the nurses, and insults her husband who comes every day with a little paper  in his hand to find her room. He had lost a lot of weight and didn't recognize me,  his Alzheimer had gotten worse.   Apparently the whole time she was in bed and had tried to starve herself, he only had eaten some bread. (See post below) She didn't even say a single thank you that we had taken care of her dog. After half an hour I had enough she only spat poison. These persons are so egocentric and selfish, there is nothing to do. Help is not even wanted ! I certainly will not go back to see her again !

When I got out of there, I had to breath some fresh air ! How terrible to end like this and become a nagging, mean old woman.

To comfort myself I made a little walk through Waterloo center,  where shops had started to put out things for the jumble sale next day. I found a nice cardigan in a boutique to a very cheap price and returned home.

On Sunday was the big jumble sale in the Waterloo city park. People had emptied their attics and basements and had displayed them for sale. Nicole, Charlie and I walked through the stands, we didn't find anything to buy. So we sat under the trees at a table and had a glass. It was very hot, but fortunately a little breeze refreshed the air. We met some people we knew and chatted together. It was a nice relaxing afternoon. Then suddenly dark clouds showed up and we quickly returned home before the thunderstorm started.

Friday, 28 August 2015


1. Claudie my friend of Southern France had returned home and the house suddenly seemed empty. As it was again too cold to sit on our terrace,  I went to Ilona.

Her terrace was sunny and warm and we enjoyed the sunshine and chatted (of course) Her first tomatos has grown and the roses were in full bloom.

2. Poor Nicole was in a very stressful situation which also concerned me. We have a common friend Marianne. She really is a special case and had always been. But now a real drama had happened. After her husband had been diagnosed with Alzheimer, she just couldn't cope with this. She decided to die, killed her cat and the parrot and then lay in her bed. Neighbors alerted the police and the social services, when both of them didn't show up for several days. She slammed the door in front of them and didn't let them in. As she wouldn't talk to us, finally another friend managed to get into the house. She found Marianne in her bed, half starved and in her excrements. The husband was totally confused and looked like a skeleton.
An ambulance took Marianne to the next hospital to save her life. The friend remained with the husband and the little dog Kiwi which Marianne had not killed. To save Kiwi from an animal shelter, Nicole took her home.


Little Kiwi is such a cute and nice dog and is big friend with Charlie Nicole's Golden Retriever. Kiwi seemed to be healthy although traumatized. Pierre the husband refused to be taken by ambulance to the hospital, so Nicole and the friend got him by ruse. They told him they would drive him to the hospital so that he could see his wife. There they just left him in the emergency service, this was the only mean to draw the attention to the social services who should take care of this couple, as they both had no family at all. Nicole got a phone call from a very angry employee, saying that they don't know what to do with him ! Nicole answered that she is only a friend and that they had to cope with this case. Later we learned that he has escaped 3 times and nobody knows how he had managed to return home. The police caught him each time and brought him back to the hospital. A horrible situation ! Now finally they had moved and have put him in a home annexed to the hospital and he is allowed to see his wife each day. She is better too and as soon as her physical conditions are OK, they will be moved together into a specialized home. Finally some good news. I thought is is just terrible when you have no family and depend on the state ! They had payed their taxes their whole life and no official service felt responsible for them ! A real shame ! Their house will be sold to cover their expenses.

4. But now Nicole had worries with Kiwi. We needed her papers her chip number and her vaccination dates, as we want to find a good home for Kiwi. Nicole is unable to cope with two dogs for a long time.

So I went with her to Kiwi's vet and asked for copies of her documents. The secretary was first very reluctant to give us the information she probably thought we wanted to sell Kiwi, as these breed is rather expensive. Finally after I had told her the whole story she became very friendly and gave us everything we needed. What a relief !

After the vet we went into a nearby park for a walk  to calm down this rather stressful morning.

Then it was lunchtime and we went to a restaurant specialized for mussels I love them and badly needed a treat ! Kiwi wanted to taste them too, but I resisted her beautiful begging eyes ! I wished I could have taken her, but with my four cats that's impossible !


The next day I had to attend a meeting in Center of Culture of Waterloo. For October they organize a "Parcours des artistes de Waterloo" (on the path of Waterloo Artist) and we had to vote for the advertising poster and the map showing the route to go to find the various artists. We will be about 100 to expose our masterpieces in different places of the city.

When I came home I got a phone call from Nicole telling me the last events about Kiwi's future. The friend who had managed to put the couple in the hospital wanted to take her and give her to a family in Antwerp where she lives. Nicole refused she said she wouldn't give the dog away without Marianne's permission. Apparently Marianne was better and could talk and also was clear in her mind again. A decision was taken, Kiwi would go to the family in Antwerp because she knows the people and would be happy there. With a heavy heart Nicole drove Kiwi and the friend to the station and waved Kiwi good bye. I was relieved ! Now at least we both were sure that Kiwi would have a good life in the future and hopefully forget this trauma.

After all I had heard about Marianne, I decided to visit her during the weekend. I am sure that she had forgotten by now that she had told me she never wanted to see me again. She is in a very bad state and it is not sure if she will ever get out from the hospital.

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