Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Fancy statues on a place in Maastricht (Netherlands)

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015


On Wednesday 18 June the inauguration of the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Waterloo will take place. As I had visited the site several times to watch how the works would go on, I went there just one day of the opening of the new Memorial which is built under ground. And one month before the official opening of the renovated site.

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Monday, 25 May 2015


As it was sunny but not too warm, I had no excuse anymore to postphone the more than necessary garden work. I pulled all my courage together, gave me an imaginary kick in the unspeakable took my car and went to the garden center where I always buy my flowers to be put in pots.

I thought it would be an easy job, just pulling out the fake flowers and plant the real ones in, but I hadn't counted with the weeds who had found a nice home in my pots ! When I had finished to clean all the pots and added some new soil, I was already fed up ! But I continued. Finally the flowers were in the pots at least in the front of our house and the entrance on one side. I decided that tomorrow was another day, fell on the sofa and watched a little TV before starting with my computer. Mr. G. was sent to the garden center to buy four bags of bark. He opened the bags, throw the bark in four different places, and exhausted went inside too !

The front

The back

The next day I planted the flowers in the pots on the terrace, and raked the bark in the right places. I finished with an anti snail product, as we have again a snail invasion who eat up everything available even invoices in our mail box.

Now our garden looks like "little Versailles" and I was very satisfied. Relieved I thought that now I will be in peace until autumn when I have to pull the whole stuff out again.

Then I went to Ilona who was also exhausted from garden work and we lay in the sun and relaxed, recovering from our hard work !

Friday, 22 May 2015


1. It had been a long time that Nicole and I hadn't lunch together, so we opted for the "Jardin d'Asie" (Asian garden) and had a wonderful meal. After that we went together looking for a bread baking machine she wanted to buy, but all we saw were far too big for her.

2. As the bicentenary celebrations of the Waterloo battle will take place in exactly a month, the city had asked for volunteers speaking several languages to help the thousands of tourists who will attend this event to find their way to the battle field and other sites involved in the battle. I had been selected and had to attend a meeting in the city hall where we got an overview of what will be going to happen.

The responsible of the organization seemed to be not very competent, because the most important thing which are the public transports from Brussels to Waterloo he had forgotten. I got up and told him that we would need more signs in the Buses and trains and also in the Brussels' stations. He stammered something and then he said everything would be done ! I have my doubts ! We then got a form to be filled in and should also join a court record !

As I am not member of a terrorist group or had killed somebody I got it immediately. I then was asked to help out in the Waterloo Tourist center and at the station, to help British and German tourists.

4. The next day I went to the Waterloo Lion to if the renovation works had be done, as the city guy had told !

What I saw was a big mess and still a lot of work to do, a lot for only one month left ! The memorial should be inaugurated the next day with all the officials and I stated that the outside was far from being finished. I met a friendly soldier who was pleased to pose for a photo.  They certainly had to work through the whole night to get the access a little easier !

I then drove over to the "Hougoumont" farm, Wellingtons headquarters and there it was even worse !
Impossible to walk inside without wearing boots or at least baskets. While I took my pictures 2 ladies and a man asked me what I was doing there and it turned out that they were from the British embassy and also checked the works. We had a nice chat together and I gave them a few tips to improve the access to the farm, as there is no visible sign from the main street it was covered by graffitis. They took note and told me that they will contact the officials to get it right.

5. The next day I had a visit from a Blogfriend from Australia Little wandering Wren. She was in Europe and stayed with a friend in Brussels. We had decided to meet each other and she wandered til Waterloo where I picked her up at the station ! Despite the fact that we had never seen each other,  I saw her immediately and she saw me. What a pleasure to meet someone life out of Blogworld !

First I took her to the Waterloo lion and we were lucky there was the inauguration of the memorial going on and we could see and listen to the soldier's orchestra ! We were really lucky ! Compared to the day before, they must have worked the whole night, because the memorial entrance was now clean at least and the windows so clean that they reflected us taking pictures  ! After a drink in the Wellington cafĂ©, we drove to the Hougoumont farm !

We ended the afternoon at home, discussing technical problems with Google+ and Blogger, had a coffee and then it was already time to drive her back to the station ! In good company time flies by so fast !

Amazing was that she had brought me this beautiful kitchen towel, as if she had known that my whole kitchen is red and white ! It fits perfectly !

It had been a very nice afternoon !

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Thursday, 21 May 2015


Letter A

I was 19 when I saw the first artichoke in my life ! I was invited to a lunch at a new friend's home, I had met in Italy during vacations with my parents and it turned out that she also lived in Brussels.

What I didn't know was that she came from a very posh family who lived in a very big house, they had a cook, a servant and a nanny.

The dining room was very impressive I had never seen such a huge one with an enormous table. The whole family was sitting around and the starter was served.

An artichoke !

I looked on my plate and found a very strange looking thing with leaves and thought how the heck should I eat that ? With fork and knife ? that was impossible. Besides my plate was a little bowl with a sauce inside.  I cross eyed around me and decided to copy the others.They pulled off the leaves dipped it in the sauce and then sucked the end of the leave. I bravely did the same.

When all the leaves were gone, I suddenly faced an obstacle. Hairs !! How could one eat that ?? I pulled out the hairs and dipped them in the sauce and tried to eat them but it really wasn't good.

The kids observed me (my friend had 4 much younger siblings) and started to giggle. The parents smiled and I wondered why. My friend finally told me that I have to cut off the hairs and only eat the heart of the artichoke because that was the best thing on the whole vegetable !

I wasn't embarrassed at all and laughed too and told them that I had been very much surprised that one eats hairs. And indeed the heart was very tasty and together with the sauce was really good.

Now years later when I see my friend we still laugh about my eating of the first artichoke in my life !

Jenny Matlock
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Breakfast ! Grandson Toby and Arthur

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