Thursday, 23 October 2014


 Letter W

The parents of my best friend when I was about 8 years old, had given a party. For this occasion they had prepared a big bowl of what is known in Germany as "Bowle". The drink contains fruit pieces and white wine and was very much in fashion in the 50th and 60th.

The next morning  just after breakfast, I went over to my friend, her parents were still sleeping and she was busy to clean up the kitchen. I found this wonderful, at home my mother never let me in the kitchen and certainly not doing the dishes ! She was far too afraid that I would break something. My friend as she had to do this all the time, found it less funny and was pleased that I did it ! While doing the washing up, I discovered a big glass bowl, full of fruit pieces. I wondered why they hadn't eaten all the fruits and in order to wash up the bowl, we took a spoon and ate them all. We became more and more cheerful and also very loud and suddenly I couldn't remember anything anymore.

My friend's father woke up from this noise and had opened the kitchen door. What he found were two little girls laying on the floor completely passed out ! The mother screamed the father checked, we were both still very much alive but completely drunken ! The fruits had soaked up all the white wine in which they had laid the whole night and of course were full of alcohol.

He first put his daughter in her bed and then took me in his arms, still unconscious and carried me over to my parents flat. Of course in these after war buildings people lived very close together, so the whole neighbourhood was watching this event.

My mother got hysterical seeing her daughter hanging in Mr. R's arms and screamed, which made all other neighbours in the house open their doors and look what happened. My father took me over and put me to bed, where I stayed until I woke up and wondered why I was in my room and not dancing and laughing with my friend in their kitchen !

I honestly don't remember if I had a hangover or not, but from this day on I didn't like fruits in a liquid anymore !

My friend Dagmar and me in 1951

Jenny Matlock

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


We are approaching the end of October and the temperatures are unusually high, even warmer than some summer days. We had over 25° C (77 F) and with my son and grandson we  took the opportunity to go to the Domain of Huizingen on the outskirts of Brussels.

The former castle contains now a restaurant and reception rooms for special events.

The Guard house

and the fountain in front of the castle

The trees are still green and only start slowly  to get dressed for autumn (or undress)

Still beautiful flowers

Strange roots coming out of the ground

Many people had the same idea as we had

and for the children there is a very nice playground !

Monday, 20 October 2014


We had our son and grandson here over the weekend. They arrived Friday evening from Amsterdam.

After breakfast, he started to play with the new little cars with an adequate carpet Mr. G. had bought for him, this kept him very busy for a while.

When both men decided to go shopping, he didn't want to go with them and preferred to stay with me.

He discovered the little vacuum cleaner I keep in the kitchen and started to vacuum the whole house, especially Mr. G's bed, which apparently seemed very dirty to him. I never had such a good little helper !

The sun was shining and it was a real summer day and very warm. Amazing for mid October ! We had 24°C (77 F)!

So he could play outside and hadn't forgotten the croquet set I kept in the shed. The tricycle I had bought for him, he didn't like apparently. The croquet game didn't last long as Dad wanted to show him how to really play and he just wanted to shoot the balls. Amazing is, that he put everything back in the bag and tried to carry it in the shed again. His father at the same age would have left everything there were it was !

The little tractor I had bought him, on which he had driven around since he was 2 (now he will be 4 in November) had become far too small but he tried hard to squeeze on the seat and drove around.

When his Dad came back from his shopping, 

What a wonderful surprise, he had bought at big bike ! Was he happy !

In the afternoon we decided to go to the Domain of Huizingen which also has a huge playground for kids. Feeding little goats, making 4 turns on the carousel and having an icecream,

He did some jumping while my son and I watched him "flying". Then we returned home.

I had my theater play in the evening, and went with Ilona and Nicole. It was a very funny play and and we liked it very much. Before we had our supper in the Theater restaurant. The 3 men meanwhile also went out eating. When I came back I found Mr. G. for once not in bed but still up, together with my son and his friend around some glasses of wine and in a very joyful mood ! I went to bed and Mr. G. too, I don't know for how long the two friends celebrated with their glasses sitting outside in the garden !

The next morning, as all little kids do, they get up far too early for the parents, especially when they had celebrated the night before. My son half asleep, handed me over Toby and returned to bed ! It's nice to be for a while without  parental duties !

Toby speaks only Dutch but he understands most of what I say in French. During his breakfast  the words he didn't know I made a little drawing for example a bone, when I told him that dog Charlie eats big bones. That was a lot of fun. After that I put him in front of the TV with his breakfast and he watched Tom & Jerry. The good thing is that grandparents have no educative duties so exceptions are greatly appreciated !

After breakfast and Toby had cleaned his new bike, we took a breeze of fresh air in the Waterloo park. For once Mr. G came with us ! Toby drove and played like a Star, with his two body guards, one of them slightly tired and I as his photographer.

Time flew by and they left after lunch. The rest of the day we spent resting and recovered from this nice interruption of our daily routine as a vintage couple !

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Grandson Toby on visit with bodyguard Daddy. Arthur is happy !

Friday, 17 October 2014


1. My car celebrated its first anniversary and I had an appointment with the Garage for the very first check up.

For this reason I went through the car wash and while I went through I took some pictures, always thinking of a photo theme. At home I also cleaned the inside and thought that this was enough physical exercise for the day.

Then I took my car to the Toyota Garage for the check up and while it was done, I walked over to Nicole who lives nearby for a cup of coffee. Charlie her dog thought I would have brought him a bone again, and sniffed and sniffed at my purse until I opened it to show him that there was nothing interesting for him inside, he was very disappointed !

After about 2 h I called the garage, my car was ready and Nicole and Charlie came with me to pick it up. Everything was OK and now I am in peace for 10.000 km (6.200 miles) ! I wonder how long it will take me to make them !

2. My cat Kim who hates to be brushed and runs away when she only sees one (even holding it behind your back) was full of knots and I had to take her to the groomer.

Catching and putting her in the carrier is exhausting ! And listen to her meow concert in the car too ! I arrived there as a wreck and fell on the next chair. This cat is a real hypocrite, while at home she makes such a fuss, at the groomer as soon as she was sitting on the table she purred and made pasta with her paws, in short the happiest cat of the world !

3. I got a phone call from my oldest friend, we know each other since we were 8, and she talked non stop for an hour from Germany, I couldn't place a word sometimes I tried to interrupt her but no way she didn't even listen. Finally I put the phone on the kitchen table, cleaned the kitchen, went with the phone to our front yard and pulled out some weeds growing in the gravel until finally she asked me what news I had ! We agreed on a meeting in a near future !

4. My inside/outside thermometer didn't show the outside temperature anymore and I had thought the outside box had been stolen.  I had ordered a new one on internet a month ago, which hasn't arrived yet.

The new one

When I saw one on promotion in a shop for a very good price I bought it.  I  installed the outside box in the hedge of the front yard, and found the box of the old one ! We had both looked at the wrong place ! Now we will have 3 when the Internet shopping arrives and then with 3 thermometers I certainly will know the outside temperature and how to dress !


Next weekend we will have our yearly painting exhibition. A last briefing took place and we all gathered around the coffee pots and cakes and cookies. Our "administrator", (on the picture at the top left) a former teacher to make us listening to what she already shouted, had taken a bell with her and each time someone chatted, she rang the bell. We had a lot of fun because she still behaves like an old teacher and treats us as if we were all 6 years old. I brought her a stick, in case one of the little pupils were not behaving. We ended our meeting with hurting bellies so much we had laughed !

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