24 Nov 2015


Today when I opened the shutters the world looked white ! There was frost on the hedges, the plants the streets and much to Mr. G's annoyance also on his car !

It took him 20 min to get rid of the white stuff

Our green grass had turned to white grass

and the hedges were white too.

Our whole garden looked so cold that after aqua gym I didn't put my nose outside despite a wonderful sunshine. But when the temperatures drop so drastically by 10°C it needs a little time to get adjusted.

While in Brussels center and two municipalities, there are more policemen and soldiers walking around than normal people, nothing has changed here. The schools are open and the kids angry because in Brussels they are closed !

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23 Nov 2015


No trips to Brussels this weekend. The alert state in Brussels center had been raised to its maximum on a scale from 1 to 4 and now it was 4. Metros, museums, cinemas, theaters,  bars and restaurants were closed and even the supermarkets and shops remained closed.

The town looked empty, but there were still some people underway. Mostly younger once, who wanted to show that they are not afraid of terrorists. I watched all this on TV, we didn't notice anything. Everything was open as usual and it was rather strange that only a few km far there was almost a war situation.

Fortunately our theater was far away from Brussels in a little town and we didn't miss the play.

First we had supper in the theater restaurant and then we watched the play which was so funny that our belly hurt when we came out. It was the story of a man who wanted to get rid of his girlfriend but was such a coward that he needed the help of his best friend. After the friend fell in love with the girl the girl left them both ! Sounds a bit simple but wasn't. The three young actors were really very good.

It became very cool on Sunday and there were even some snowflakes amongst the rain drops ! In Brussels still everything was closed. Today even the schools, and University will stay closed, much to the joy of the kids I think !  There were lots of interviews of people on TV, who weren't happy at all with all these security efforts, they found it exaggerated and said that it is exactly what the terrorists wanted ! Terrorizing !

I went to Ilona and we had tea together and chatted, there was nothing in her area neither.

20 Nov 2015


1.To me personally nothing special happened, except that I am lazy and tired, but I think that is the season !


I went for lunch with Nicole to the Carrefour "Lunch Garden" and for once we saw police there who controlled a car. But that was it, there is no more police around than usual.

3. We are living 15 km (9 miles) from Brussels, and I see what happens in Brussels on TV. My cleaning lady told me that around the stations, tubes and official buildings there are many policemen and soldiers walking around. A football (soccer) game had been canceled very much to the anger of  different husbands. (not mine, he only watches Formular 1)

4. Meanwhile I have got the flight tickets of our trip to the Red Sea in Egypt and Nicole and Chantal had invited us for cake and coffee and we checked our tickets and dreamt of the forthcoming holidays,

while Charlie had collapsed on the carpet and Chantal's two female dogs weren't impressed at all by this big dog.

Before it became dark, now already around 5 pm, I took this picture through Chantal's window. The sky just looked so beautiful. Shortly after that, when we drove home it rained !

5. Of course the main discussion in my painting class were the Paris attacks, and we all pitied the people living in Molenbeek. Some of my classmates had friends living there, but in their area it was very quiet. The police searches were only in one street. On TV you could believe that the whole area was in war !

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19 Nov 2015


Between 2,000 and 2,500 people, according to local police, took part Wednesday evening in  Molenbeek in a rally in memory of the victims of the attacks in Paris on 13 November.

On the town square was drawn in large and chalk the word "Molenbeek", whose letters were covered with candles by the public.

"We decided to organize this action to go against the media who are obscuring Molenbeek.

The Molenbeek population is very sad and upset about what happened in their community. A French Journalist Eric Zemmour had even suggested to bomb Molenbeek instead of Syria ! Which of course made a big scandal !