Tuesday, 28 April 2015


The weather was sunny and warm so my friend Ilona and I decided to go to Maastricht in the Netherlands. It is not very far from Brussels, only about 100 km (62 miles). It is located near the German and Belgian border, continue to read here

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Monday, 27 April 2015


The whole week the sun was shining, but as soon as the weekend arrived it started to rain. Poor people who only have their weekends for going out.

In all side streets of Waterloo the Japanese cherry trees are in full bloom and it looks really very beautiful.

Unfortunately the snails like this spring weather too and started to invade our yard and eat every plant they can find. The leaves of my rhododendron were full of holes, so it was an emergency to buy the snail killing product. It's unbelievable what damage they can cause, they even once ate up an invoice in the letter box !

After shopping I stopped at Nicole's for a coffee. Charlie had a paw surgery a nail had been taken out and she has to disinfect the wound. Charlie is an angel, he doesn't move during the whole procedure.

Sunday evening we went to the cinema and watched the Marigold 2. The room was packed with vintage people who laughed their heads off during the movie ! It was absolutely hilarious, and full of very good humour. We enjoyed the movie very much ! After the movie we went to our usual Pub "La pomme" and had a drink there. We really had a very nice evening.

Friday, 24 April 2015


1. After aquagym I had to buy a new grass cutter for the borders, our old one had broken down. I had the good intention to do some garden work in the afternoon. But with intentions the work is not done, especially when you change your mind and rest watching a discussion about twins on TV. It was very interesting so I had a good excuse.

2. As the weather was so nice, Ilona and I decided to visit Maastricht in the Netherlands, which is located near the German and Belgian border. It is not that far only around 100 km (62 miles)

It is a beautiful little town and we walked around, had lunch at the border of the river Meuse and then a coffee on the huge place in front of the city hall.


Under the watchful eyes of cat Arthur I finally cut all the borders of the grass and dead twigs, but after one hour and a half, I was fed up, I don't like garden work but it has to be done. Now our garden looks nearly perfect.

4. My friend Sylvia from Linens and Royals, had sent me a DVD about the visit of the Queen in 1954 in Australia.

It took a month to arrive in Belgium, maybe the mail had walked the parcel over here. The movie is excellent, the old films were of such a good quality and I was amazed to see the big reception the Australians gave for the Queen. The shows and performances all over the country were better than all Olympic game shows of the last years. It was unbelievable. Sylvia was in the movie too, she gave an interview about her mother who had bought an entrance ticket for her and showed the ticket. Then she showed her Royal collection which is really impressive. I recognized her immediately, we had met in Brussels, when she had come over to London to see Kate's and William's wedding in 2011.


Before leaving the painting class I took a picture of my unfinished cat together with Ilona's finished painting. Although we have a lot in common, our paintings differ ! She is always up in the space and the future and I am always down on earth with my cats !

I watched TV, while Mr. G. cleaned the tiles around the house. During winter they always become a little gray and dirty. But then I joined him and salted the gravel which is now weed free thanks to the weed burner to avoid that the weeds grow back ! Salt is very cheap and efficient !

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Thursday, 23 April 2015


Letter W

My second job was in an American company. We were only about 6 people, all Belgians except me, but I can't really remember as I didn't stay very long.

The accountant was an old woman in her 40, at least I thought so because I was only 22 ! She had long blond hairs was rather short and round, always wore mini skirts and on the body sticking clothes, which made her look everything else than an accountant. She was very funny but also very moody, but I liked her.

One day she was absent and I had to look for a file in her office. I went to the filing cabinet and started my searches. I took out one file after the other and suddenly when I reached the one I was looking for, I saw behind 3 empty bottles of Whisky and one half full and the other untouched.

At first I didn't understand why Whisky bottles were standing behind the files and not in the bar we had in the kitchen. The office was in an old house. And then suddenly I understood, she was enjoying her Whisky out of the bottle as there were no glasses while working and that explained too that she was so cheerful most of the time while in other moments she got moody probably because she had run out of fuel.

Of course I left the Whisky bottles were they were, but moved the files a bit so that nobody could see them. I took my file and left her office. Honestly at that time I didn't really get what happened to her, but an instinct told me not to tell what I had seen to nobody in the office as least.

I couldn't keep my mouth shut with my friends and we laughed about the stories I had to tell. There were a lot !

As I left the company just before it went bankrupt, I will never know if the Whisky bottles were involved.

Jenny Matlock
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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


After this long winter I enjoy walking in a park around my city. Not far is the Solvay/La Hulpe park which surrounds the castle built in 1840 and was bought in the late 19th century by Ernest Solvay who was a Belgian chemist, industrialist and philanthropist. Ever since the park is  known as the Domaine Solvay. Today the property is owned by the regional government of Wallonia, and is classified as an "Exceptional Heritage Site in Wallonia." The grounds are open to the public.

The first spring signs

We walked the long way through woods, meadows and orchards 

along a quite big pond

until we arrived at the Brasserie.

This building was once the farm which belonged to the castle. Today it contains a restaurant and an exhibition hall for artists.

from far away you can see the castle.

steps besides the farm leading to the castle

And then we had to walk this long, long way back !

The park also contains a riding school for hippotherapy for autistic, physically and mentally handicapped children

Just before we arrived at my car, we saw a group of riders with their horses, ready for a walk

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