Wednesday, 29 July 2015



Old man in Chinatown (London)

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Unfortunately there is a very strong wind blowing, so even in the sunshine it's cold ! After breakfast I found a bench at the seafront just opposite from my hotel sat down and watched the sea and the seagulls !

The waves were quite high. The part of the pier which had burnt down last year when I was here, has not yet been  totally reconstructed, despite the promises of the government. It seems to be everywhere the same, a lot of promises are quickly forgotten. Politicians have a short memory.

Then I walked along the beach into the city center. I looked at some shops, but there was nothing interesting and I was surprised how much the prices had increased !

I took the bus to meet two of Anne's friends and then we drove to the habor where we should meet the others for lunch.

Last year we could sit outside and even did a little boat tour around the harbor, but this was impossible because of the wind. So we sat inside a pub and had our lunch. We had such a fun, and behaved like silly little and very noisy girls. We talked about Anne and the funniest memories we had of her and stayed there for almost 3 h ! Then we said good bye til the next year and two of them took me back to my hotel. I invited them for a cup of tea and they liked my hotel very much and also my room.

It had been a very nice afternoon. When they were gone I returned to the seafront, the sun had come out again and I walked to a stand selling sandwiches. I bought one and returned and ate my sandwich later in my room. I could have eaten supper in the hotel but I was still so full from lunch.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


This morning when I woke up and opened the curtains, I saw some blue sky ! What a delight after this horrible weather yesterday !

After breakfast I went out and took  this picture of my hotel. It's located just at the seafront.

The breakfast and dining room and also a piano in a corner. Here I sit with my little computer and write.

I crossed the street

sat on a bench and had this gorgeous peaceful view. I stayed there enjoying the sunshine and watched the people walking by. Everybody is so friendly, although I didn't know these people they all said a good morning to me.

The little train ran already from one beach end to the other.

At 11 am Doug picked me up and we went to friends of him and Anne living in Worthing an hour and something driving. They had invited me as they do each year. It was so nice to see them.

They live in a cute old cottage and at the entrance I saw this sign, which would fit on our house too !

They have a very friendly white German shepherd called Lilli. Another couple arrived and we all walked together down to the beach.

We had a delicious lunch in this Pub

and I of course had my traditional fish and chips ! After an ice cream we returned and had coffee at Moggie's house. We spent a very  nice afternoon all together and left at around 6 pm.

I couldn't eat any supper I was still so full from lunch ! So Doug and I went into a Pub in Eastbourne and had a last drink together. Then he dropped me off at my hotel.

The air of the sea makes me tired and went to bed very early !

Monday, 27 July 2015


When I wanted to leave the house to catch the Eurostar to London, it rained so much that Mr. G had to drive me to the Station otherwise I would have been wet like a cat.

But then in London to my surprise the sun was shining ! I had to go to Victoria station to leave my luggage there for the day. Carrying a suitcase up and down the stairs there was no lift, was not an easy task and I told myself I will rather take a bus next time if it would happen again that I had to change the train for Eastbourne.

Around Victoria station was big a mess, two years ago it was bearable but now you need 10 GPS to cross the street and find a bus stop ! A real labyrinth ! And what they are constructing is so ugly, when I think what a beautiful old place it was a few years ago. There were works going on a little everywhere and I did a sightseeing for cranes ! I thought building glass boxes had stopped after the Olympic games, but apparently it goes on.

Then I arrived at Covent garden, a nice place to sit and watch people when the sun is shining.

Of course thousands of people had the same idea as I. I bought a jacket potato with Cheddar cheese and found a chair to sit down.

A group of young musicians played some classical music

My intention was to visit the transport museum, but when I saw the crowd lining up, I thought it will be for the next time !

Looking up I saw this penthouse and wondered how much it would be worth, just overlooking Covent garden. Probably a fortune. Maybe it belongs to a company and this was the terrace for smokers.

Leaving Covent garden and looking for a bus to take me back to Victoria station, I ended up in China town ! Most of the people were Chinese or maybe British Chinese. When they spoke I couldn't find out if they were just discussing, fighting or telling a joke.

Finally I found a bus, I love to sit on the double deck,  and do real sightseeing. In the tube I feel like a mole !

What I didn't know was that there was a concert on Trafalgar square and the traffic was completely congested ! Fortunately I just arrived in time to take my suitcase and caught the train !

My friend Doug picked me up at the station, and it was so strange to see him alone without Anne. He drove me to my hotel and an hour later he picked me up again to show me the renovated house and then we went for supper. The house looks so nice now with a new kitchen new floors and freshly painted walls Unfortunately she only could enjoy this for 3 months before she passed away. so sad.

On Sunday morning it rained cats and dogs and on top it was very windy. Fortunately I kept myself busy with blogging and reading !

I had intended to walk and sit down at the beach,  but the weather became worse and worse. So Doug picked me up at my hotel and we went shopping together and then stayed the whole day at home. A friend of Anne came over and we had a cream tea together and a nice chat. In the evening Doug cooked for me, he was so happy to cook for somebody and we had roasted chicken with Broccolis, cauliflower, roasted potatoes and carrots. It was delicious. Often we were talking about Anne and digged out funny memories.

Despite the terrible weather, after all we had a very nice day !

Friday, 24 July 2015


1. After some shopping together, Nicole and I went to an Asian food restaurant, which had been recommended to us by her neighbor. We first were a little suspicious because the price of a whole buffet "all you can eat" was only 12 € (13 $) with wine and coffee included !

From the outside it didn't look that nice, but the inside was really very beautiful and cozy.

The buffet was unbelievable, such a choice ! These are only the starters I forgot to take pictures of the main courses and the dessert ! We really enjoyed our meal and now we know that this is a place to come back !

2. On the 21st we had our National Day and of course it was very much celebrated !

Nicole and I walked through the park, there also was a flea market and then when we wanted to listen to the band playing songs from the 60th, we had to leave because poor Charlie thought the drums were a thunderstorm and he is so afraid of it. When he started to shiver like a leave in the wind, we left !

There were also a "Kids city" with even little ponies and horses to ride around

3. We also visited the Lego exhibition which had been created for the bicentenary of the Waterloo battle.

It was just amazing ! More than two years of work, no less than 5000 hours of design and installation, and over 1,000,000 Legos !

4. I absolutely wanted to see the Sunflower labyrinth in Mons (Belgium) which had been created in honor of the painter Vincent van Gogh, who had lived here in his early years. Mons is the European city of culture this year.

It was really very impressive. 11.500 sunflowers had been used to build this labyrinth just in front of the City hall. I climbed up on the scaffold to see the it from above ! The entrance was free and there were a lot of people from all corners of Europe.

5. I had to think about my suitcase, as I go on holidays tomorrow. It took me some time to sort out all the battery chargers, for each device another one, mobile, Kindle, camera, computer, and the USB keys etc. That took most of my time, because clothes I just throw in the suitcase. As long as they are all clean, it's quickly done !

I will be in Eastbourne as I do each year since 2007, but this time I will stay in a hotel at the seafront, because it is impossible for me to stay at my friends' house, as Anne my friend passed away not even two months ago. I would see her in all rooms and that would be too sad. On the other hand I love Eastbourne and I will try to make the best out of my stay.

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Thursday, 23 July 2015


The first time I heard about a "Jack and Jill" bathroom was in the series "Escape to the country". I know this kind of bathrooms, but why is it called Jack and Jill ??

In the other languages I know it's called 2 bedrooms with a common bathroom. I agree, it's longer to say than just a Jack and Jill bathroom.

I tried to find out the origin of this expression. No way, even Google didn't know. They all refer to an English nursery rhyme :

Now what the heck this rhyme has to do with a bathroom ? I tried to find out who invented the Jack and Jill bathroom, but apparently nobody knows !

The best answer I could find was : It is called that because it is a bathroom that adjoins two bedrooms -- generally separating the two. And the most common gender in families with two children is one male and one female. Hence, the bathroom usually separated a girl's bathroom from a boy's bathroom. And the original designer of the first J-and-J bathroom had 2 kids -- one named Francis and one named Mervyn." Which still doesn't say why is it called Jack and Jill instead of Francis and Mervyn ?

Even Wikipedia let me down it says : On entering the bathroom, one should lock the opposite door to prevent entry from the other bedroom. Before leaving, that door should be unlocked and the other door locked from the bedroom side. This will then allow occupants of either bedroom to use the bathroom, but not gain access to the other bedroom.

If full privacy is not required, for example to wash one’s face or brush one’s teeth, the opposite door need not be locked. This would allow the other party to make simultaneous limited use of the bathroom, especially if it contains a washbasin for each bedroom.

Does someone know the answer ?

Jenny Matlock
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Wednesday, 22 July 2015


I have no idea where this carton is coming from. The strange thing is everything is written in English instead of French.

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