26 Sept 2022



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Saturday as usual my cleaning lady came and we started to prepare the "home sweet home" for the winter. The garden cushions were put away, and my beach bed too, on the terrace she couldn't do anything because after months of no rain now it rains again, we are back to normal. 

Therefore I stayed home and was looking for the invoice of our house sale. As it was in 2020 it was not anymore in my computer and I looked through the back ups. 


Instead of finding what I was looking for I found all kind of things, and I thought the Tax office will look for me with this poster so that I don't escape the succession taxes which I have to pay although I am the direct heiress. 

The afternoon went by quickly, I just found the time to bring two little gifts to my neighbor on the 2nd floor, as I could talk with her when I was in Eastbourne, she has Whatsapp, and helped to find my bank cards which I had forgotten at home. 

For supper I had a Lebanese dish, which was delicious. I still buy my warm dishes at Picard, a French company which has its own farmers and their freezing method is the best. They call it "shock frozen".

For me alone it's not worthwhile to cook, this saves me money, no electricity (except the micro wave) and I don't have to buy the meanwhile very expensive vegetables. And I have the impression to eat every evening in another country ! 

On Sunday a couple which I had once seen because of their new cat, years ago, have asked me to come with them to eat Chinese. They are both adorable and have a big heart. That's already the fourth time they have asked me and she always sends me little messages asking how I am  feeling today. It's strange, people I seldom saw before Rick passed away, are now there for me and the so said friends have nearly disappeared. 

I thought I would know all Chinese restaurants around Waterloo, but this one I only new from outside. It was very good and also very cozy inside. They had brought their sister in law with them a very funny lady and we had a lot of fun and laughter. That's what I needed, laughing !

When finally I returned home, I thought I could never eat again in my life ! I sat on the sofa and fell asleep, missed again my film. Outside the sun had changed his mind and disappeared and it rained cats and dogs, ideal for a nap !

Autumn moves slowly in and unfortunately it gets so cool that I had to put the heating on ! Last year it was warm until mid November ! Crazy !


  1. We all need friends like that! I have to go back and see your posts from the UK. I missed them, unfortunately. Have a great week!

  2. Friends are a good thing in tough times. You are lucky to have many of them.

  3. Awww on those cute pies. There are so many adorable critters.

    Love your meal. Looks and sounds most delicious.

    Nice that your friends got together with you for Chinese food. I love all Asian food.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  4. Despite the rains, it sounds like your weekend was a good one!

  5. Such cuties here! Our grandson and phamily have two bunnies and chickens that will hopefully soon lay eggs. I have a niece who has rescued bunnies for many years. So sad when people buy them for small children and then dump them. SO she is a bunny lady. It is quite cute. It is good to have friends to visit with. Your photos are wonderful. Enjoy a wonderful new week.

  6. Love the cute pics and glad you had a nice time out with friends. We had a lovely chinese takeaway with our son and his wife last Friday. First time we'd had chinese in a while.


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