16 May 2022


As Rosie after 13 years of being and inside/outside cat, and now lives on the 4th floor, each time I find a feather from a pigeon or a magpie I bring it to her as a little gift. Then she is happy and runs around with the feather and doesn't even realize that the bird is missing ! 



My son and grandson came this weekend. Son wanted to visit his Dad, I stayed with Toby because we didn't want that he sees his grandfather in such a state.

In the morning we were parasol hunting ! Not easy as there was not much choice left and after 3 stores we finally found one which was suitable for my terrace. One is not enough as I have sunshine the whole day. 

When they arrived I stated that Toby has grown again ! So before we entered the shop, my son took these pictures of us. I have to point out that I measure 1.71 m and Toby is nearly as tall as I although he cheated in one picture when you consider that he is 11 years old and taller then his mother I wonder when he will stop growing. We had a lot of laughter during the photo session. 

Then we bought the parasol. In the third store we found a suitable one it was the last ! 

Then we returned and my son put it up ! I never had problems with my old parasol and it was a lighter one, but this heavy thing flew in the hedge of the neighbors house the next day, when of course I was alone. The two girls from the first floor helped me getting it back, they knew the neighbor in the next building, but we first had to go through the garden of my neighbor on the first floor. And while I was angry because of this dammit parasol,  my son was with Toby and his best friend in a swimming pool. Of course they had told me so, but I had forgotten. My memory is like a sieve ! 

Saturday evening we went to an Italian restaurant, the one which Rick liked so much, because the food was real Italian. We were all tired but before we went to bed we had an ice cream ! Which Toby ate in no time together with whipped cream. 

On Sunday I prepared the terrace for several people and waited for my two men plus Benji, of course they didn't come because they were in the swimming pool. Finally I had my lunch and then the parasol flew away. A little later they showed up armed with two big hamburgers and chips and ate with appetite. Dario returned to Rick again, while I didn't have to go, it becomes more and more hard for me to see him, or rather what was left from him. 

While Dario visited his Dad, he left me the two boys. As they were probably tired from the swimming pool they behaved like two angels. They were busy with a game and I didn't hear a word. After having finished their ice cream they put the plates in the dishwasher and then tried to put this silly parasol back in the box, because I will try to change it ! It's not normal that this thing flow away with a little wind !

Meanwhile my son has come back and gave me the last news of Rick. Now he only speaks Italian, which Dario hardly could understand and had taken off all his clothes ! Good that the doctor and I had decided no visitors anymore. Anyway it only agitates him, and anyway besides me and Dario he doesn't recognize or remembers anybody. The friend who always played cards with him and visited him twice a week, is not allowed to come anymore. Sad for her, I have to say she has disappointed me very much, not once had she proposed to help me or invited me for lunch or tried to cheer me up a bit. The patient is well taken care of, but the spouse who suffers more could have needed a bit of support. Some people are strange. Fortunately I have got support from a lot of people and want to thank you all for that. It really did me good.

I really was happy to see my "little" men again and suppose that in a short time at least Dario will come back for a day. Meanwhile I visit Rick and check that he has everything. 

A friend and my niece called from Italy and asked me how I feel. My friend is the wife of Rick's best friend who died two years ago, so she knew how I felt and my niece had seen it with her father and comforted me too. Good to know that some people take care of me too. 

Meanwhile little Rosie keeps me company !


  1. Simple about Toby's height. Tall grandfather, tall father, tall himself. Your short genes didn't come through. It's good that you and Toby have a good connection.

    I guess it is a matter of time with Rick. You can only be there for him and hopefully he continues to recognise you. Seeing you must ease his confusion even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.

    Have you thought of fixed shade cloth for the balcony? One that can be taken down for winter.

  2. It is wonderful that your son and grandson come to visit so often to see you and help you out. It is very hard to see what Parkinsons does to a person. Mom's dad too started running around naked at the care facility and sometimes had to be restrained because he would refuse to wear clothing. The mind is a wonderful thing but when it doesn't work right, it can be horrible.

  3. You look great in your jeans outfit!


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