11 Apr 2022


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On Saturday our son and Toby arrived from Amsterdam and we met at Rick's residence for lunch.

I think it wasn't a good idea because Rick got more and more confused because he had forgotten that the two would come from Amsterdam and that he had to eat with us and not with his table partners. It was hard to speak with him and difficult to get him back into the room he was so agitated, that we had to call a nurse who led him to his room and we put him in his bed. Then we left and let him sleep.

As it was quite cool, we ended up in the Wellington Cinema and for the first time in my life I watched a half cartoon, half human movie called SONIC 2 ! Now I understand that kids are not afraid of monsters anymore, I thought I will have nightmares but to my surprise I slept well. 

In the evening there was Spiderman 2 on the TV which I had never seen and was surprised that I liked both movies !  

Home cinema

On Sunday morning I woke up at 9 am, apparently I have been tired, and the monsters I had seen the day before probably helped me to have a good sleep ! My son had already disappeared he had an appointment with a friend to play Golf together and Toby had done self service and was busy with his game Nitendo (I guess) while he was eating two rolls with cheese and ham and fruits. 

 It was impossible to have a conversation with him,  from time to time I shouted to stop and come and sit with me on the sofa, which he did 

Indeed he sat on the sofa !

I tried to distract him with a documentary about a big animal shelter in France, which was very interesting, at least he took the headset off and promised to stop as soon as his game was over. Finally I gave up, it's not my job to educate my grandson, grandmothers are there to spoil them ! So if he liked just my presence and not talking why not ! 

I must say he really speaks a very good French now. I also heard him speaking English with somebody he made a game with and was very much surprised how good he spoke ! That's why he laughed his head off when he heard the actors speaking English with an horrible French accent and didn't say Spiderman, but Speedermann, and a lot of other words too.

My son had nice weather for his golf game and came home satisfied, he likes playing Golf very much at least he is outside in the fresh air. We had lunch together, I had two quiches in the fridge, which were devored in no time.  Then they both went to the Waterloo Lion, Toby had seen the Lion only from the ground, but this time they wanted to see it all, climbing up the 53 steps to see the battle field and then the underground museum. I stayed home, I have seen this so many times and since the renovation (I call it demolishion) where all the old restaurants and caf├ęs were demolished, there is now a rather cool atmosphere on the site now. Residents of Waterloo and surrounding areas are no longer going  there as it is not a  nice place anymore where the locals had a drink together with the tourists .(See more here on my Countries & City Blog Lion site before and after).  When I googled for a picture of the Lion site before and after the renovation, I found my own Blog ! 

On their way back they said good bye to Rick and then came home to pick up their sleeping bags and clothes and tidied up their rooms. One had slept in Rick's room and the other in my "Dressing" where I have a sofa bed. (For snoring reasons).

only Rosie slept as usual in her basket and didn't bother about our guests, she know them such a long time and still knows who they are. So she didn't hide and led her usual daily life. 

Now I am alone again and I had noticed that I had become very sensitive and a single word, perhaps not meant in a bad way bring tears into my eyes or a lump in my throat.


  1. Even though Rick is alive, it is like you have lost him already.

  2. It must be so hard for you to see Rick like this. Kids all over the world love their "tech". Fox and Banjo would play all day if allowed but their parents only give them 2 hours a day usually just before dinner. However, sometimes there are special times when they are allowed extra time. If they are naughty they lose their tech time.

    1. At home there are also limited times, but here his father was not there and grandma after asking several times to stop, finally gave up !

  3. It was nice of your son and grandson to have come to visit. Sorry the lunch visit with Rick was not too successful, though I am sure he enjoyed their company...though it was hard for him to deal with all the changes in his day to day routine.

    Our sons, even though grown up can also be way too absorbed in their 'games'...and sometimes I have to raise my voice to get their attention...those headphones block out all the other noises except that of the device/game.

  4. Any change in the daily routine can really bring out the ugly in a Parkinsons patient. Sorry the visit for lunch didn't go well. Remember to not take it personally as they are not themselves anymore. At least you got to visit with your son and grandson.

  5. Aww on the precious kitties. They bring such joy.

    I'm glad you had a great visit with your son and grandson. Such special times.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  6. It sounds like a good visit with your son and grandson. I am sorry the visit with Rick was a difficult one. I can pray. I hope your week is good and many blessings surround you.

  7. A lap cat is the very best company!

  8. I'm sorry for how things are with Rick.


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