14 Feb 2022





On Saturday I had the visit of my son, this time he came without Toby because he just made a return trip, he wanted to see his Dad. He had brought him a lot of bottles of sparkling water, because this is rather heavy for me to carry and wafels for a 10 kid's family ! He said so you don't have to bring him wafels next time ! I really had to laugh the whole shelf is full of wafels and big once ! Now I am curious how long they will last ! Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures ! 

Then we sat together in the living room and after an hour I left leaving father and son alone for a little chat. My son wanted to do some shopping in Belgium, because in Holland it's still a nearly complete lockdown ! 

The schools too are a catastrophe, poor Toby's school has a lack of teachers, due to burn out and  Covid ! He just has finished primary school with excellent results and is ready now for the next step ! They have to find a good school he is very scientific and not like me I am more litteraly. I hate maths ! 

After supper and the News, Dario left to return home to Amsterdam. It was very nice to have him here, he did also all kind of things I can't do anymore or I don't know how to do them.

The resume of what I did on Sunday is quickly done ! I woke up because Miss Rosie meowed as if the whole apartment was on fire and she didn't stop which was very unusual. So I got up and let her on the terrace tto drink her rain water, she was very thirsty and had also emptied the whole waterbowl in the kitchen. Maybe she wasn't feeling well. When finally I wanted to drink my cup of coffee I kicked it over and my jogging, the sofa and the blanket was full of coffee ! I decided to remain home and don't do anything !  And that was my Sunday. Oh yes I did something very tireing, I pushed on the button of the washing machine !

  and Rosie recovered from her mad moments in the early morning the whole day !


  1. No, no. You never admit that washing is just pressing a button. It is hard physical and brain work. You have to make sure you are not wasting water, electricity and washing powder/liquid by washing a small load. Lights and darks must be separated. You can't wash tea towels with socks and jocks. Towels are washed on their own. It was easier when you washed by hand and used a mangle.

  2. Gramma loves it when we visit because we can help her do a lot of things she can no longer do. Sounds like a good weekend for you.

  3. Love the kitties. They bring us such joy.

    I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend. That's always a plus.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  4. Pushing that button follows a lot of hard work: picking up clothes that need washing, mending some before washing, measuring out the soap, making sure the cats aren't in the washing machine (joke), sorting out the dark clothes from the white laundry...it's a LOT of work. Then you have to take them out of the washer and sort who goes in the dryer and who gets hung up! Whew. Then after all that you have to fold some clothes and put them away and some have to be ironed first! WHEW Aren't you tired? Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Poor Rosie. Maybe she had a bad dream.

  6. Oh, yes, I have had kitchen disasters just like that! Oops! And some unprintable words to go along with the cleaning up...LOL!

    Rosie was so sweet! Wonder what made her so loud and demanding??

    Rick is well looked after both by you and his son, as far as the snacking goes:)

    Yup, washing laundry, it is a task, and counts as work!

  7. One wonders what Rosie was thinking.


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