6 Dec 2021









Saturday was a real bad day ! When I woke up I thought it was my last hour ! I felt dizzy and my head turned. Maria came and saw immediately that something was wrong. While she cleaned the living room I lay a bit down and then I called my son. 

I thought it would be more careful to tell him that I was feeling sick and not at all in my shoes, and that he has to decide if he still wants to come. And he came with Toby. He had done the shopping for me and then took with him the clean laundry for his dad. It seemed to me that Toby had again grown, he is now 11 and has enormous feet. I put my foot against his and it was nearly half a length more ! I have size 38 which is quite small for a tall woman like me but he must at least have 40 ! (which is in US size would be 8 and 9.5 ) !! Then they went to Rick. 

While they were away I fell asleep and when I woke up it was nearly 3 h later, the News were long gone and there was a Christmas movie playing ! By the time it's Christmas, I will have an overdose of Christmas songs and movies ! There is nothing else on program ! Even in crime stories there is a Father Christmas !


 Outside it rained and was grey, exactly fitting to my mood.  

Sunday morning I woke up still dizzy and found my way to the kitchen like a drunken sailor. After two cups of coffee and two wafels I felt better. Not the top but not like yesterday either. Adeline came over to check on me and we were sitting in our bathrobes and had a cup of coffee. 

I had washed the laundry and thought I am well enough to bring it to Rick. He had a bad day, he gets up all the time and has fallen twice he should use a walker or a wheel chair but he doesn't want to and is very stubborn. I got angry and told him he will break his neck if he continues like that and at this moment a nurse came and told him that if he doesn't stop to walk around without any help he has to stay in bed again with a protection. I came home and was down again. 

I called my oldest friend here in Belgium I know her since 1968. Her husband who had been a collegue of mine years ago, has liver cancer but with metastases everywhere and is inoperable.  So we are sitting in the same boat more or less and could comfort each other. 

Life became more difficult for a lot of people because the Covid statistics have raised a lot and places in hospital's intensive care shrink from day to day. Lots of Christmas markets have been closed and theaters, shows or even cinemas because a maximum of 200 people are allowed where is room for 4000 ! And masks are obligatory from 6 years on ! Which has caused a lot of jokes and laughter !

Rosie as inside cat, doesn't need a mask !


  1. You're probably tired. You have to rest more, and listen to your body's needs. Bad weather and Covid do their share too, but we cannot control them.
    As for kids and masks, I think it will help all of us , I've read somewhere that maybe kids are major spreaders of the virus.

  2. Becoming old is for the strongest among us.

    I checked and it is a five hour round trip by car from Amsterdam to Waterloo. Your son cares.

  3. Hope this will be a better week for you. Thankfully in the US, we are not so strict about COVID rules and don't have to wear masks except for in some places. It is all just too much.

  4. Rosie is most photogenic. A huge Awww.

    Sorry you weren't feeling well this weekend.

    I had to laugh at your mask funnies. One county you have to do this and that and the next county you don't have to do anything. Makes my head spin too.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  5. Sorry to hear you had such an unpleasant weekend. I wish everyone would get vaccinated maybe we can stop all this Covid nonsense. I think we all need a break. Hope you're feeling better.

  6. Rosie is a lovely cat! Hope you are feeling better!

  7. Could it be vertigo? That's treatable

  8. Oh being dizzy is no fun at all. I hope you are feeling much better,now.

    Its good that Rick wants to be mobile, but not using help is dangerous...but he must think yes, I can so I will...

    Your son is the best! He loves you and Rick. It. long way to go and see your family...we used to drive 8 hours to see my parents, and 12 to see hubby's.

    You have wonderful caring neighbors, too.


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