14 Oct 2021


1. What obligation do you believe you have to your country? 

Obligation ? We are the country !  We voted for a government, pay our taxes, obey to the laws they make, I think it's rather the other way around the country has obligations to the people !  Taking care of their health, for the school education, and protect us. That's what they are payed for !

2. October 12 is National Farmers Day? Do you know any farmers? What do they farm/grow/raise? Are there any farm stands where you live? Do you shop there? 

I spent my childhood in a little farmer's town in Germany with my grandparents. At that  time there were many farmers and I enjoyed playing in the fields or in the barn. Once I even milked a cow and she hit me in the face with her tail, I did not know that the tail had to be tied. Back then, there were no milking machines. 

 Today where I live there are no farmers anymore. They have all sold their land and there are now houses. You have to drive a few km before you can find a farm. But there are Farmer's Markets where a lot of people shop.

3. What's a skill you think everyone should have? Tell us why? 

Learn languages if you want to travel or work in other countries.  You are lucky you don't have to learn English because in most of the countries people speak at least a bit English. The language young students choose now is Chinese, Probably we will need it some time. That's good for working in business. 

4. Favorite thing you've purchased this year? 

A new Smartphone, my old one became an antique, and the photos were lousy. Now with the new one I don't need my camera anymore which is very practical. I am very satisfied and learn each time a little more. 

5. What's your favorite place to visit in the fall? 

A museum ? I am not a fan of fall and rather prefer to stay in my warm living room and watch the striptease of the trees !  

When the leaves were gone I saw for the first time that I had houses in front of my terrace ! The trees had hidden them completely !

The fun of fall

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I wonder how the year's end festivities will be this year, Mr. G. being ill and never knows if he will be able to go out or not where we will celebrate Christmas ? Or not at all ? All rather dark thoughts !

Wait and see don't worry know, just let it come, or as they say in French : let the sheep piss !



DUTA said...

Very good post!
I totally agree with you about the government's role and about learning languages. Learning chinese is a Must, as China seems to slowly but steadily advance to the top of dictating what the world should look like.

William Kendall said...

My cousin farms apples.

Sue said...

Enjoyed your answers,
Thank you for sharing.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I like Museums also.
Coffee is on and stay safe

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Interesting thoughts, all of them!
There is a small hobby farm just north of where I live, and the family has cows there. I can hear their moos when I am outside!

Lots of horses around here too, an many peeps have their own chickens and other fowl. Some have goats!

Yup, I live outside of our city:)