18 Oct 2021



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I didn't like myself and didn't know what to do with me, finally I decided to bring the laundry to Mr. G and stay a bit with him. His head was quite good and I could explain him the mobile phone for Seniors. This time it worked and he could call me twice. I hope he won't touch all buttons and then is surprised that it doesn't work anymore ! Wait and see. 

At the entrance of the residence was an enormous pumpkin and the a nice fall decoration was everywhere. I chatted a bit with the others, there is one Italian lady there who lives since 40 years in Belgium but each time she speaks the first words are in Italian before she realizes that she has to switch over to French. She was surprised that she got an answer in Italian from both of us and started to tell us her life. I admire these women, they had a hard life. Their husbands came to Belgium to work in the coal mines in exchange for coal from Italy ! And now she sees that it was worthwhile because their children could all go to school and even to University and her son was a doctor who worked for this home ! And they could hardly read or write when they arrived, or not at all

On Sunday I decided to do nothing ! Not even a phonecall and not looking on my watch ! My peace was interrupted by my neighbor Adeline who had to call the emergency doctor and her keyboard disappeared  when she called with her mobile ! I showed her how it worked  and she could talk to a doctor who came in the afternoon. and now I keep an eye on her but so far everything is OK 

After a short movie my TV told me that there is something wrong with the hard disk ! Of course that has to happen today. I thought I look something on YouTube and what was recommended to me was Charles and Camillas love life, the funerals of Prince Philip and all the sins of Prince Andrew. I updated myself and then went back to my computer.

That was my wonderful weekend.

That's what I will do !




  1. French with an Italian accent must be interesting.

  2. Gramma and her cellphone is a similar thing. We keep setting it all up for her and then things disappear and she claims to have done nothing. It is a constant job keeping it so she can use it. Have a great week.

  3. So cute, but they smell to high heaven. Cute faces though.

    You had a good weekend. I love those days that you don't have to do anything.

    I love the last funny. Now I know how to find my brain.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  4. The sacrifices of our ancestors are significant, indeed! Aggravating little things going wrong IS aggravating but what great news about Mr. G and the phone, although one never knows for how long, any moment of success feels good.

  5. Doing nothing is sometimes good. Your mind and body have the chance to rest.

  6. You have a very kind heart and take care of others. I hope your neighbor is doing well. Have a wonderful new week.

  7. I know about just enough Italian to know I do not know nearly enough, LOL!! Same with French! I am better with German,and since my parents were Dutch, II can do that pretty well, as well of course, English.
    Over the years I learned one or two words from other languages.

    Sorry your weekend was mostly blech...blah, you know boring!! Nice that you could go to visit Mr G, though.
    From what you tell me about when you go there, I think you not only bring comfort and happiness to Mr G, but to other peeps who live there. Yes, you really do!

    There are lots of pumpkins here, of all sizes...and soon most of them will be jack-o-lanterns!


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