4 Oct 2021


Isn't she sweet ? I  think I will become vegetarian !


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Saturday morning I heard something rattle on my terrace and quickly checked what it was ..... the umbrella, before it had the opportunity to break the windows, I put it on the floor ! 

It also rained cats and dogs! What could you do in this weather? In  bathrobe and barely combed, I rang the doorbell of my neighbor Adeline, who opened the door, dressed just like me. Unfortunately nobody filmed us standing at the doors in this elegant outfit, discussing the day. In the end we decided to go to  a kind of flea market where you could buy new and old things from furniture to dishes and decorations.

There was nothing to buy for us so we just looked around and I forgot to take some pictures !! 

Going shopping on a Saturday would be completely crazy the streets were full. Finally we decided to go to the Brasserie "Mont St. Jean" which had been a farm at Napoleon's times in 1515 and had been used as a hospital for wounded soldiers by Wellington. It had been beautifully restored and has now become a Brasserie where you can drink and eat. 

Here are Adeline and Myriam discussing while outside it stormed ! 

The Brasserie is very big but nevertheless cozy and we stayed there the whole afternoon before returning home. 

Sunday was the same. Mr. G for the first time had complained that weekends are boring in his residence  because there are no activities. During the week they have physical exercises and alsoo mental once and in the afternoon there are games and then they discuss the News. 

So I thought he is ready now to spend the weekend or at least one day at home, which he had refused until now. I picked him up at 2 pm and asked Adeline to join us, now he knows that she is my neighbor and the two got very well together. We watched little funny cat videos, because the three of us all love cats.

Of course the first thing Mr G did was calling for Rosie and oh wonder, lazy Rosie climbed out of her basket, interrupted her precious sleep to say hello ! 

And while outside the wind blow and it was grey and dark, we had coffee and biscuits and we chatted a bit watching  cute little cat videos on YouTube. 

The afternoon went by very quickly and at 4.30 pm I drove him back, they have a very early supper at 5.30 pm, and he has to be there for his medications which have to be taken always at the same time. One even at 3 am ! 

I hope next week will be better !


  1. Rain is no fun. Thankfully it rained at home but not where we were 30 miles south of home on Saturday. That is great your husband wants to come home some. Hopefully he won't change his mind next weekend.

  2. That's one chunky hog or pig. Not sure which. Cute though.

    I'm glad you got out with your friend and that Mr. G came home for a bit. Him and Rosie had a nice visit with each other.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  3. Sounds like a very nice little luncheon and we are so glad Mr G got to come home and Rosie was too. Thanks so much for inviting us along and the nice photos. Purrs

  4. There seems to be great affection between Mr.G and Rosie. It shows in the pictures.
    So you've got a new addition to your group of friends: neighbor Adeline - welcome!

  5. Your weekend was almost a washout! But you know how to make do, and we're glad you took Mr G to your home for a relaxing time. Rosie was enjoying it too!

    What a fatso piggy! LOL!


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