27 Sept 2021


Flower carpet on the grand'Place in Brussels








For the first time since at least a year or even more I managed to convince Mr. G to invite his friend for her birthday into a restaurant ! Of course it had to be an Italian restaurant and I suggested "our" Dolce Vita where I often go with my  friends. 

Fortunately it was a day where he felt good. Our friend picked him up from the retirement home and said he wasn't there for lunch. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him, he was even dressed up. The black jeans I had bought him fit like a glove and he couldn't tell anymore they were too tight! 

Of course, walking around in training pants for more than a year makes all pants feel tight. He was finally able to eat his favorite food "The penne al Arabbiata"  a plate too spicy for me but he had a very good appetite. After an ice cream, we drove to cat Rosie, when I say home he always thinks of his new one. Rosie's house is just the old home. 


Fortunately, Rosie came to greet him quite quickly as all cats she had first to think it over, we had a  coffee and at 5 he wanted to go home.

It was a really nice afternoon, but in the evening I was exhausted. I was so stressed that everything could go wrong ! But it did not !

During the week  I had done my shopping at Aldi's and got two of these little smilies. Just for fun I had brought them to Mr. G. who found them so cute that he wanted more ! I told my friends ..... 

It was like  a tam tam through the bush, I got a box with smilies from Myriam, don't know how many are in there and all the others try to find  more smilies. It was really touching.

I brought him the first load and told him he can make a battle of Waterloo with smilies. I don't know if he had it done yet, because we sat with the others in the garden in the warm sunshine and everybody seemed to be happy. Except me I had forgotten my phone and couldn't take pictures !!

When I returned home I was again very tired went to bed at 9 pm read a bit and the fell asleep  shortly and woke up at 8 am !

Today (Monday) I have to go with him for new glasses, I realized that he doesn't see very well anymore. I hope that it will work well  ! You never know if he is able to walk, if he is dizzy, or if he is not feeling well.  I just have to wait and see !


  1. It's a lovely photo of you and Mr G. So good that he went out and did something.

  2. The flower carpet is most beautiful and so is Rosie. Beautiful cat.

    I'm glad you had a great day out with Mr. G. We love Italian food here too. Very delicious. I'm glad the day was perfect.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  3. The floral carpet is a work of art. How lovely it looks surrounded by all those magnificent buildings. There is still a wonderful world to see. Hope all goes well getting Mr. G. his new glasses. :))

  4. Every day with a person with Parkinsons is a surprise. How nice he had a good day for your lunch outing. It is still stressful but at least you are able to see the person you really know.

  5. How wonderful to go out for a meal together.

  6. The flower carpet is mind blowing!
    Mr G is a very handsome man! You are, what we call nowadays 'a power couple'.

  7. That flower layout is so wonderful thanks so very much. So glad it was a good time and so good to see friends! Purrs

  8. Awww it sounds like your lunch was much enjoyed! Sweet photos too!

  9. How cool to see that carpet made with flowers! Imagine all the work and planning to set that up!
    II am happy for you, that you were finally able to take MrG out to the restaurant...and to enjoy a fine meal together.

    That is a big and fun collection of 'smilies'!


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