Sunday, 21 July 2013


I think Google's employes have too much time, so they invent so said ameliorations to things which work perfectly without ! Now that I have learned to avoid the senseless G+ forced subscriptions, since a few days my Gmail box had been improved too !

Suddenly the comments of my Blog friends are filed in 3 categories. Some of them became "Primary" (not primate) and others became "social" as if they had been unsocial before.

Honestly I don't know why  my blogfriends  are devided into two cathegories. Sometimes I find the Primaries in the Socials and the other way around, there is no logical reason. In the promotions are not always promotions but other things too, like train time tables and fares, for which I had asked for, and wondered that I didn't get an answer.

To allow people to loose a little more time, you have to open 3 files  to see who wrote you a comment or gave an answer to a request. Can anybody tell me why the Gmail box is now better ? I prefer to have an overlook on all incoming mails and decide by myself what is what !

I think the only solution is that I google "Why is the Gmail box now better" ? To know the answer !


  1. Ya I hate all these k improvements lol

  2. Hi Gattina .. I went into settings and changed it back ...

    Cheers - I thought it was awful too .. and how come Google suddenly knows who my friends are?? Good luck - Hilary

  3. I use windows live mail and get all my emails in one place without them getting divided up by Gmail. Only when I have to check my spam folders do I get bothered with it.

  4. I have no idea why they keep trying to improve things which is always a retrograde step.

  5. I haven't checked my mail in 3 days. The last time I did, my mail box hadn't changed. I guess I'll check today and see :(

  6. Mine was the same! Totally silly. I just deleted all the tabs except the Primary one so now it's back to normal.

  7. Yes, it makes no sense at all. Just a big waste of time and space!

  8. I agree! I was wondering why I wasn't getting any email notification on my phone only to discover they were put into the "social" tab. I find it so messy and bothersome that my emails are now divided into 3 tabs.
    I've also recently had to stop using Google Chrome because it kept telling me it couldn't open some blogs. I switched to Firefox and don't have any issues. What's going on with Google?

  9. AMEN! seriously, just leave it alone!


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