Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Why always looking in other countries or cities when you have such nice places around in your neighborhood. So let me take you on a little walk !

It was unusually warm for nearly end October ! 24°C (75 F) and the sun was shining ! Mother nature goes mad !

Last week the trees were all still green which is also unusual, but in the last four days they started to get colors and stripteased ! 

What fun for the owners to collect all the dead leaves !

The car looks nicely decorated for fall !

but there is still a lot of green

or it had changed to a beautiful red

Our street half yellow half green

I went to my neighbor on the second floor and took this and

this picture of our garden. No leaves to collect yet !

Just opposite of my neighbor's house this one is empty since 3 years. From time to time we see the owner mowing the lawn. Some youngsters had broken into it and slept inside, ever since there is an alarm and the police watches !

our little wood doesn't look very autumn like yet

Only the little tree which is standing on our useless roundabout (nobody knows actually why it is built in the middle of the street) is now dressed in a colorful red.


  1. What a lovely neighborhood, Gattina. Don't forget I'm planning to visit some day, I must meet the cats!
    Our trees still have a few leaves, but there a lot more on the ground. Our yard-maintenance man didn't show up today with the noisy leaf-blower, so I slept quite late. Lindy was very confused, so she woke me up to say she wanted her yogurt.
    Luv, K

  2. Wonderful photographs, superb views, at such images the autumn seems fabulous. I am greeting

  3. Beautiful place.
    Very true people always forget their own country is beautiful.

  4. I love Autumn colors and it's magnificent there, I'm delighted by so beautiful images, the houses are charming and the streets very beautiful with this "tapis orange"!

  5. Beautiful colours and the leaves look so pretty on the ground though they must be a nuisance to sweep up. We don't have such change of seasons here with such lovely trees. Ours are either green or dead. I think that roundabout was built just for somewhere to plant a tree.

  6. How lovely with the sun and crisp autumn colours!

  7. You live in a beautiful neighbourhood, Gettina.

  8. Yes, looking around there are always gorgeous sights.

  9. Your city looks like Seattle with all the leaves!! Such a lovely neighborhood, Gattina, and your captures for the day are delightful! I do love the colors!! Hope your week is off to a great start! Enjoy!

  10. That is a beautiful neighborhood Gattina. Nice to walk around.

  11. Great community!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  12. You live in a lovely neighbourhood. That empty house looks lovely. Maybe I can buy it? No sign of fall here - or hardly any. Thunderstorms expected tomorrow. We'll see. BTW, your comment about Mr G appearing on the news when you were in Malta made me smile. What a small world!

  13. Lovely neighborhood and yes, why go anywhere when you live in a little piece of Paradise! (Although I'm guessing some of those homeowners may not completely love their leaf-collecting hobby ;>)!)

  14. I'm in love with your bright blue sky! Such a lovely neighborhood you have. Your autumn is just beginning and ours is drawing to an end. The cold chill can stay away a bit longer, in my opinion. ;-)

  15. It looks a most pleasant neighbourhood - and your trees look about at the same stage as ours. The leaves seem to be falling much faster than usual this year.

  16. the empty house looks fairly large. Whats the story behind it?

    When you get snow -- show us some of these same pictures !

  17. C'est vrai que les maisons et les jardins sont superbes! Avec Mélissa je me rappelle nous avons pris du bon temps à se promener alentour et admirer!


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