Friday, 1 January 2010


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My first post this year ! It's strange to write 2010 for 9 years we had to write two zeros and now only one !

I will show you some of the Christmas presents I have got

This was the living room before the gift battle started ! We celebrated in Malmedy (Belgian Ardennes) in an old farmhouse.

and then the unwrapping

Of course I got cats ! The little black one bends in all directions. The beautiful handpainted vase was originally a toilet water sprayer, but I took of the top and put a rose in as I don't use any eau de toilet. It looks very pretty in my room.

The cat face is to put on your luggage with your home adress ! that really came on purpose. I also got this beautiful plate with the two cats sleeping in a ying yang position.

My ears will shine now with these earrings, one in coral and the other with turquoise and zircons. A brooch and a special real rose which doesn't need any water ! Strange, I will see. So far it still looks very fresh.

and here is the battle field after we all had unwrapped our gifts. Dog Jersey is exhausted !

but there are still sweets to eat and wine to drink !


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us31 morning

Image Hosted by 31 night

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us1st January morning

I got this per email this morning ! I hope it's not your case today !


  1. Wonderful pictures my friend. I love that Cat face. It's so you :) Hau’oli Makahiki Hou to you and your family :)

  2. Hi and Happy New Year!

    It looks like you had a fun Christmas! The rose doesn't need water? interesting! Love the earrings!

  3. Excellent gifts Gattina. The kitty mask is just too awesome.

    My show n tell is just catching up more or less, from the 2 week bloggin' hiatus. HERE

    HAPPY 2010!!

  4. Great cat face! Love your post!!

    Stop by..nice to meet you.....

    love, kelee

  5. I still see two zeros in 2 0 1 0

    Happy Happy New Year to ya.

  6. Happy looks like you had a lovely Christmas! I want to hear more about this rose that doesn't need water!?! Very strange :)

  7. I really like the cat luggage tag,SUPER cute. Happy New Years and thanks for sharing

  8. Ohhhhh more cute kitties! I love that plate! And the kitty luggage tag is absolutely PURRRRFECT for you!

    I slept the New Year in! No wine or anything else! Just sleep...

    Happy New Year Gattina!!!

  9. You can keep the presents, I'll have the Leonidas chocolates. Happy new year!

  10. I love the cat face and the plate, of course! I'm glad you have a great neighbor who took care of your real babies. When we took our last vacation for 7 days to Washington, D.C. nearly 3 years ago, I boarded 3 cats, one dog, and one ferret at the vet's and it was over $600. They had their own vacation.

  11. wonderful gifts Gattina.. your family obviously knows what to give you specially your inkling to objects with cat motives on it...

    love the graphic with the hangover on the 1st of 2010...that happened to me once and i learned from it..

    oh and the pictures from rosie and arthur are so sweet..they really love each other ;)

  12. Love your gifts! I love to buy things for people that collect certain things...It makes it really easy to shop!!!

  13. Ahhhh Malmedy, such beautiful got very nice gifts btw, I especially like the turquoise earrings.


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